• Since Nerroth requested one and since we usually lack ideas for polls, I figured I'd make a centralised topic for recommending new polls. So, if anyone wants to request a specific poll, feel free to post here.

    P.S. Admins, I suggest discussing the suggestions on chat and then editing the suggestion post with the decision. Would prevent this topic from becoming a wall of posts that's hard to navigate.

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    • Edit: Question used for a poll. Gsimenas (talk) 16:51, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

      Thank you.

      My suggestion would be to ask:

      • Which ALO race would you choose to play as?

      While it has yet to be confirmed whether Lost Song will end up allowing for custom player characters to be created, it might be a timely question to ask if the game does indeed offer the option of choosing from the nine races for one's own purposes.

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    • "What's your favorite arc in Sword Art Online II ?" or overall in anime, including Extra Edition. SAO II only has three arcs, so it kinda lacks voting options.

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    • Let's see MR, Caliber, Aincrad, Fairy Dance, and Alicization more than enough choices.

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    • Preference of game genre to be trapped in

      • RPG Hack and Slash with an endpoint (SAO)
      • RPG Hack and Slash with more social aspect (ALO)
      • Sandbox game at the speed of light (PA)
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    • A FANDOM user
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