• Where in hell did Asada go after the retreaval of ecscalibur where she hands it back to kirito and says "every time you use this sword you better think of me" im baffled cause she just dissapears

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    • i wonder myself since shes one of my favourite charakters¬†:/

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    • Most likely busy with school.

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    • If you mean in the novels, you should know from Volume 9 that she re-transfers her avatar into goes back to playing GGO for the 4th BoB.

      Edit: Further, the 4th BoB didn't take place until June 2026. Also, searching through my translated Word doc of Volume 7, Mother's Rosario, Sinon's name was never mentioned; so Sinon reverted back returned to GGO before January 7th, or, more likely, after the events of Mother's Rosario

      Edit: removing spoiler.

      Edit 2: ...

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    • Fact error: Sinon never transferred to ALO. She created a new account.

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