• While revising the Double Circular page, I looked through the original text to see how the skill was described. Unfortunately, the fan translation for Versus did not describe the skill accurately. The second attack was never mentioned to be a thrust. Based on the verb used, I'd say that it was actually a slash, but it wasn't really specified, nor was it actually detalised. To make matters worse, I even checked Yen Press's translation of V1 and found out that they described the first hit as a down-left slash. I believe that this translation is inaccurate, but it does make things even more confusing.

    Anyway, since the skill is not given a clear description, I cannot allow a page for the skill to be made. For future reference, please contact me before making any Sword Skill pages. I need to double check the description on the raw to see if the translation is accurate. Even Yen Press's translation is apparently not too reliable.

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    • Oh, really? It didn't even ocurred to me that possibility, I'm quite disappointed. By the way the version of Versus that I've read clearly described the second attack as a thrust. That's how the whole skill was described:

      "In front of Haruyuki, Kirito's body rotated upward. The black sword in his right hand pulled the helix of the flame from below and slashed straight up furiously." "Following right behind the slashing trail remaining in mid-air, the white sword in Kirito's left hand thrust in a straight line. The tip was aimed with fearful accuracy at his neck..."

      Well, I understand your point. I'll get in touch with you the next time I think in creating another Sword Skill page.

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    • Sorry for the late and repeated reply, my internet is going through some problems currently.

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    • I checked the original text. Nothing was said about any thrust. The text did mention the throat, but it used a verb that actually implied slashing.

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