• I've noticed some concerns with your edits on the weapon list. The major issue was that you broke the formatting with one of the edits ([1]), where you disabled centring by removing a " . I have no idea what happened here, but another issue here is that your edits on tables almost always contain tons of aesthetic changes (removing spaces, adding spaces, reordering stuff etc.), which make it hard to notice where the actual changes are. I assume that you're using visual and most of the stuff is just visual doing whatever it pleases. If so, please refrain from using visual for table editing, as such edits are hard to review without missing any slipups like the one in the edit linked above.

    Another thing, I've noticed that you've been adding Japanese terms for some new weapons you've added. Are you sure you're referencing the Japanese novel for the terms and not just google translating or copying similar words from other fields? If you're actually referencing the novel, then all is fine, but if you're doing the latter, please just ask someone with a copy of the novel to look up the terms, as blindly adding terms may lead to errors.

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    • I have no idea how I ended up removing spaces and the ", I was using source mode after all. The terms though... I copied them from these specific fields:

      Bronze (ブロンズ) from Bronze Sword (ブロンズソード);

      Iron (アイアン) from Iron Rapier (アイアン・レイピア);

      And Hammer (ハンマー) from Zoringen Hammer (ゾリンゲンハンマー).

      I did so because I didn't think that would be as bad as Google Translating it, but since that's the second time you call my attention in this matter I guess I'll just leave the naming for someone else. Anyways, sorry for the trouble and thanks for the advices.

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    • Did you use the classic source mode or the source in the Visual editor? Because if you're using the actual (classic) source, it's weird that you've made so many minor changes. That's something that Visual does.

      The name was accurate this time, though you missed the punctuation mark. I'm just concerned that you're making assumptions, which should not be done on the wiki. We strive for accuracy and reliability, while guessing doesn't help with either. You never know when the author decides to troll you and use a different spelling... or when the term you're copying has an error (a more likely variant).

      Also, I haven't seen you on Discord in ages. Lost interest?

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    • So its explained (I guess), I was using the Visual source mode. I've already decided to leave the Japanese naming to another person, unless I'm sure of the correct name or get the actual LNs, so don't worry about that anymore.

      And about Discord, I'm just not having as much free time as I used to, my daily edit counter even reseted because of that (I still didn't get over this fact). I have to study everyday now to my high school exam if I plan on passing it, but I might be able to get some time in the weekend to appear there.

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    • Yeah, Visual tends to mess up with anything using complicated formatting. It especially hates tables. And yet, it doesn't have a damn "Show Changes" feature that the "classic" editor has, so there's no way to preview the changes made and check if Visual fucked up somewhere. That's why I always use the old-fashioned but reliable editing method.

      You don't have to be active on Discord. Just log in every now and then to see if anyoned messaged you. I always end up writing walls of text when messaging people on their wall, but I make the message much shorter on a chat :P

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