• Unfortunately, I have to give you a formal warning on this now. Do NOT add Japanese terms if you cannot verify their accuracy. The Japanese term you added in your latest edit is completely bogus. There's no such word as ブレーオ. As far as I can see, it was meant to be ブレード (blade), which also means that the translation you're using is also inaccurate. The word for chill is most likely also inaccurate, but I can't get a clear enough view of that word in the episode to tell for sure.

    Adding false terms is considered to be a form of misinformation and I am very strict on that subject. I wouldn't want to have to resort to banning a respectable editor, so please contact someone who can verify any terms before adding them to an article.

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    • Even the names I find in the wiki aren't safe to use hum,well, I guess I officially give up on naming. Anyways, sorry for bothering you... again (That's probably the third time I fuck up).

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    • Let me guess, you found it in some old forum topic or on some message wall? I remember the sword having been brought up at some point.

      Anyway, that's specifically why I keep telling you to ask someone knowledgable in Japanese to confirm your terms, instead of blindly relying on other sources. Even reliable-looking sources can have errors and you'll be the one responsible for them if you rely on such sources when editing.

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    • Yup. An editor called 1caiser had that posted on a forum for the old Weapons List. You're probably pretty mad at my stubborness, and I can't blame you. So, from now on, I am really going to do what you said and leave it to other people (I've already said this three times, if I'm not mistaken, but I really mean it this time).

      Also, just noticed that you said something about maybe banning me if I keep commiting the same mistake, so don't expect to see me doing this again.

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    • Just as I thought. That was the exact instance I had in mind. 1caiser does know some Japanese, but even the best of us make mistakes, especially with blurry images. That's why you shouldn't rely on forum posts, even on the wiki. Terms on articles and the official naming list should be 99% reliable (there is always a 1% chance for typos), so feel free to use them, but I don't go around checking for accuracy on forums, so best to ask someone to verify terms on forum posts.

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