• Kirito went easy on yuuki stupid

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    • Suguha believes otherwise. Kirito says she'd be better than him in SAO. Kawahara has posted on more than one occasion that Yuuki would still win in most fights.

      If your pride can't handle a sick little girl being better at video games than Kirito, you should stop self-inserting into fictional characters just because they're "strong" or "cool".

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    • As TUSF said, official statements made both in-story and by the creator, express the contrary. Plus, Kirito wouldn't disrespect a fellow combatant by going easy on them.

      And insulting an Admin? Clearly, you're a regular brain trust yourself, genius.

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    • Actually, in the end of the last episode of season two sao, Yuuki and Kirito fight and Yuuki wins.

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    • The canon source material are the light novels, not the anime. And yes, in the novels, it was an undisputable victory for Yuuki, Kirito got defeated without any senseless addition like the timer running out for a counter attack. In the novels, Kirito got utterly defeated.

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