• Hey guys,

    I´ve been playing an SAO online game (SAO online - gamesprite) for 1 month now, but I´ve stopped it, ´cause it´s really, really awful.

    My thought now: What would you think if they made a good MMORPG of Sword art online, something like WOW or better? I´d think there is a rather big community-interest in such a thing, maybe someone could start a petition or something

    What do you think about it ? Would you pay for an SAO - MMORPG ? I definetly would, as long as it´s good : )

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    • I suspect if any game developer made a game like SAO (non-VR), they would want to get license rights to have the built in audience. They would also probably only be able to do 20 levels/regions at most. As a long time WoW player, making a decent MMO is very hard.

      The biggest problem I see with an actual SAO MMO would be the lack of detail from the manga and shows. Actual MMOs require about 100 times more depth and breadth than most shows give to an actual playable virtual world.

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