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    a few days late, but I wanted to link you our Image Guideline so you know why we had to delete the images you uploaded to the wiki. For starters, images need to be properly named with a descriptive distinct name, should be in png where possible, and if they are personal images (like fanart) they are only allowed on user pages like your profile and blog posts, not on articles. Official images additionally need be be categorised and sourced properly. Everything is explained in detail in the image guideline, if you have any questions you are free to message any of us admins for clarifications of course.

    You created a page for Fatal Bullet. While we highly appreciate, I'd like to add some of our guidelines for new articles so you know why Gsimenas marked it as a candidate for deletion at first, and that you have information if you decide to create a new page.

    • new articles need sufficient content. This means two decent paragraphs worth of content, or one decent paragraph worth of text with an accompanying image (preferably with an Infobox).
    • summaries have to be written in past tense, with focus on the character of the actual page.
    • both British and American spelling is allowed on articles
    • if possible, try to reference each fact you add to an article
    • only official content from sources like the light novel, the anime and the manga are allowed on articles. Game articles get their content obviously from the official games, but need to be categorised as non-canon

    Again, we are always here to help out, so if something is confusing, don't hesitate to contact one of the admins.

    Thank you for your understanding


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    • No problem. Your guidelines are kind of TL;DR, so I'm fine with you deleting stuff.

      It's your wiki.

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    • They are long, yes, but because of that they are detailed. We want people to be able to adhere the standards we established here, and a thorough explanation helps with that.

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