• Maybe someone knows something I don't,but...Why Shino is willing to forgive Kyouji after the things he've done?I mean,he saw his killer-brother as a hero,he participated in 4 murders,tried to rape Shino and tried to kill Shino and Kirito.I just can't understand.

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    • Inspite of her scarred past, Shino has a golden heart, evidenced when she immediately ran to meet Kirito after she won her first match, despite openly declaring that she hates him.

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    • It seems that Sinon sees Kyouji as a victim, since he also has been affected by the cruelty of other people. Then, as mentioned by another user, Shino is a kind and brave girl, and the signs of it are seen duing the whole Phantom Bullet.

      Spiegel's frustration about Sinon going with Kirito is quite understandable, but if she didn't forgive him,"we" would understand, but...It is draining to keep your aggrissive attitude towards something, so why would Shino add some other problems on her list.

      The problem is, if Kyoujiwill return to his stuff after being released....Though, will he be released some day?

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    • I actually find funny how he as about to rape Shino, Kirito saves her and he says "Stay away from my Asada-san" like Kirito was the one doing something bad there lol

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