• I'm currently reviewing your edits on the Item page and I ran into one major issue. What you called the "Sword of Frost's Chill" is actually the "Blade of Frost Steel". Please refrain from adding items from blurry scenes without anyone to help you read the Japanese text, as you may end up with major errors like these. Fact errors and misinformation are considered to be a very great offences on the wiki and can thus get you into a load of trouble.

    Additionally, please refrain from spamming a whole ton of items from different sources in a short amount of time, as I need time to review such additions to ensure there aren't any mistranslations or other issues with what you add. Wait until I review one batch of additions before you go to another, as the more I have to review, the longer it's going to take me to get around to the edit. And that means that any errors you make will be left unattended for a longer period of time.

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    • I actually forgot that you're the content reviewer, sorry for that. So, in the case there isn't any errors (so you don't have to correct them) how will I know you've reviewed the stuff I did?

      Also, just got back into the wiki, after almost 2 years I think, is there any on-going project you guys need help with?

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    • I always review every edit on the wiki. Unless the edit was very minor (like, adding a comma, correcting a typo etc.), I'll always make an edit of my own to make some corrections or improvements (even if there's nothing wrong with your edit, I may notice something wrong with the adjacent text while reviewing your changes). So, the easiest way to tell if an edit has been reviewed is to see if I made any followup edit. Of course, you don't have to wait for a review when you're not working on something that requires very through reviewing (unless you make a lot of changes in a short span of time, which would impede my ability to go over everything in a timely manner).

      If you're looking for work, I recommend visiting us on Discord. We have a whole list of stuff that we need help with there.

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    • So, the main problem was the amount of changes in a short time span, understood. I'll try adding stuff slowly now.

      About Discord, I'm a very akward person, not sure if it'll be cool for you guys having me there haha. But I can visit some times to see what needs help with.

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