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    I am sorry for the late reply. About Amayori's mother name, it was mentioned in the newly released game named Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel in the event called "Rose Knight Garden" focusing on Eldrie's story, there was the scene where just like in the novel Eldrie found Alice crying the death of a dragon, since the novel spoke of a similar scene with Alice crying for the deceased mother of Amayori and Takiguri, I concluded it to be so. The name she uttered was "Yukikari".

    Here is the link if you wish to see :

    It start at 27:02 of the video.

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    • All SAO console and mobile games are considered non-canon. As such, any information gained from them is considered non-canon - or at least of questionable reliability - as well, unless some canon source corroborates it. So, I cannot allow "Yukikari" to be listed on the infobox at the present moment.

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    • I see now! I didn't knew about it up until now, I'm really sorry for my misunderstanding. Thank you very much for explaining this to me! I'll try to be more careful about it from now on!

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