• Have you seen the anime if you did how many seasons are there I've seen 3 and need to know if there is more

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    • Hello, currently this is how SAO anime looks like:

      SAO season 1 (adapting light novel vols 1-4)

      Extra Edition (an OVA episode being mostly a recap + one original short story)

      SAO season 2 (adapting light novel vols 5-8)

      Ordinal Scale (original movie, being incorporated into light novel canon, takes place after season 2)

      SAO season 3: Alicization (Cour 1 and Cour 2, adapting light novel vols 9-14)

      SAO season 3 Alicization: War of Underworld (Cour 3 - adapting light novel vols 15,16, and probably a part of 17), this is the current anime

      SAO season 3 Alicization War of Underworld (Cour 4, will be airing on Spring 2020 and will adapt the rest of vol 17 and entire vol 18 of light novel)

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