• Greetings, I'm an admin for the Gate Wiki, wonder is there any chance we can affiliate with each other? Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

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    • Hello. Our wiki accepts affiliation requests from wikis that meet at least one of the following criteria:

      • The series is created by the same author (Kawahara Reki, Sigsawa Keiichi, Watase Souichirou)
      • The story of the series has games as its main focus.
      • Both wikis have common editors (at least 3 or 33% of the editor base must be regulars on both wikis)
      • The series is officially cooperating/has officially cooperated with the Sword Art Online series.

      Does your wiki meet any one of these criteria?

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    • We can't say game is the main focus, however it is more of their setting/worlds that do share alot of similarities. While Gate isn't set in a virtual world, the fantasy theme is one of the most prominent features of the show. In addition that both series were also produced by the same studio: A-1 Pictures, if that counts as being indirect cooperation. Thanks.

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