Thule Island (トゥーレ島, Tūre Shima?) is an island far to the south of Swilvane in Sylph territory in ALfheim Online and is quite close to the location of the Undersea Temple.


The Thule Island actually consists of 3 islands connected to each other via narrow stretches of land in shallow water. The three islands, together with the narrow stretches of land connecting them, form a half-ring shape and most of their area is occupied by tall trees and other plant life. The outer area of the islands are empty sandy beaches. Several rocks covered in greenery stick out of the water close to the largest island.


Extra EditionEdit

On July 25, 2025 Agil, Asuna, Kirito, Klein, Leafa, Lisbeth and Silica came to this island to enjoy the beach before going on the underwater quest that was rumored to end with a whale. While the girls enjoyed playing in the water, Kirito and Klein were relaxing on the beach until they tried shifting their gaze to adore the girls, but their vision was blocked by Agil. The three then talked about the quest they were going to do, before Klein called over the girls to the beach to prepare to head out, and Kirito gave a short speech to the party.



  • The area around Thule island is set to always be summer due to it being far to the south.[1]


  1. Extra Edition, around 17:24.


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