This name of this weapon is alternatively translated as Time-Splitting Sword (Yen Press).
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The Time Piercing Sword (時穿剣(じせんけん), Jisenken?) was a Divine Object-class sword wielded by the commander of the Integrity Knights, Bercouli Synthesis One. It shattered after its «Life» was depleted following his duel with Vecta.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Time Piercing Sword was a bulky, slightly blackened, dark-gray blade that had been meticulously polished, though an infinite amount of old blemishes, faintly remaining over its entire length, glittered in illumination. The guard and grip of the sword were made from the same quality metal as the blade, though, unlike other Divine Object-class weapons, they lacked any splendid decoration.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The sword was originally a «System Clock», a device left by the creators of Underworld as a way to tell time for the residents. Like the mechanical clocks in the real world, the clock consisted of a circle, with twelve numbers arranged around it at equal intervals, and a huge needle that pointed at the numbers. Unlike an ordinary clock, it was connected to the server's clock; in a sense, it created the time in Underworld. The sword was formed from the needle of the clock, thus it retained the original's time altering properties.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Due to the sword inheriting the properties of the «System Clock», its «armament full control» art could interfere with the perception of time in the Underworld's server. The swords «strengthening» phase allowed the user to seemingly slash the future: the sword's force is conserved in a specific place and unleashed at a specific time, in the form of a powerful heat haze. Due to the nature of this ability, the user must carefully calculate both the time and the place that his opponent will be standing in at a specific time, lest the strike miss its intended target.[1]

In contrast, the «releasing» phase of the «armament full control» art allowed the user to, in a sense, slash the past. Normally, the Underworld's Main Visualizer maintains logs of all the movement of Human Units in the past six hundred seconds, or ten minutes. The sword was capable of interfering with these logs, causing the system to mistake the Unit's position at the time of the slash with their position exactly six hundred and one seconds before the slash. This allowed the sword to attack a target by slashing at the spot they had stood at in the past. Additionally, due to directly interfering with the system, this slash completely erased the target's Durability, no matter how high the value had been.[2]

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