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«Titan's Hand» (タイタンズハンド, Taitanzu Hando?) was an orange guild in Sword Art Online. They committed various crimes to get ahead of everyone else in the death game.


The leader of the orange guild was Rosalia, a green player who lured other players to areas where she had stationed members of the guild. After the players were lured into a trap, her guild would attack and loot them. If the victim did not have any items or money worth taking, the guild members would even resort to killing the players.


Aincrad Arc[]

The Black Swordsman[]

On February 14, the members of «Titan's Hand» attacked a guild called «Silver Flags», killing all the members with only the leader of the guild managing to escape. The leader of «Silver Flags» went to the front lines for three days and nights, looking for help in capturing the Titan's Hand and sending them to prison, until Kirito finally agreed.

On February 24th, 2024, they attacked Silica and Kirito to steal the «Pneuma Flower». Kirito was on a much higher level than his attackers, to such an extent that his battle health regeneration per 10 seconds was greater than the damage the attackers dealt to him per 10 seconds. All the attackers surrendered except for Rosalia, who tried to persuade Kirito to form a party with her, but he ignored her pleas and sent her head first into the Black Iron Palace Dungeon. The guild was then disbanded.

Known Members[]

Image Name Rank Notes
Rosalia.png Rosalia Guild Leader Sent to the Black Iron Prison on February 24, 2024.