A Trembling Ox (トレンブリング・オックス, Torenburingu Okkusu?) is a monster in Sword Art Online. A female version of this monster, a Trembling Cow, also exists.


Considered to be the specialty of the 2nd Floor, the Trembling Ox is a tough and powerful monster with long targeting range and duration, making it difficult for the players to Switch. It is quite fast and, once it focuses on its opponent, will not relent in its chase until it kills its enemy or is killed itself.


The Trembling Ox is a massive beast, standing two and a half meters to its shoulders. The Trembling Cow is twice the size of the Trembling Ox.


  • The Trembling Cow is treated like a mini-boss due to its size.
  • The milk of the Trembling Cow is used in the creation of the Tremble Shortcake.

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