This name of this weapon is alternatively translated as Double-Winged Blades (Yen Press).
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The Twin Edged Wings (雙翼刃(そうよくじん), Souyokujin?) are a pair of Divine Object-class throwing knives used by the Integrity Knight Renly Synthesis Twenty-seven.


The Twin Edged Wings are a set of extremely thin, approximately forty cen (centimetres)-long steel throwing knives that are bent in the middle. They had no grip to hold them by and both of their sides ended in sharp tips, which had to be held in-between the user's fingers when throwing.[1]


The Twin Edged Wings are said to have once been a pair of birds who had respectively lost their left and right wings. Unable to fly with a single wing, they joined together and soared higher than any of the other birds could go and flew on for close to an eternity.[1]


While revolving at high speeds, the edges of the Twin Edged Wings can freely change their trajectory and eventually return to the hands of their users. Because the knives need to be received between the fingers again, their usage requires a very high level of concentration. The knives can also be caught by hooking them around one's fingers at high speed to maintain momentum for the next throw. However, as the weight of each knife is unbelievably light in pursuit of sharpness and rotational energy, the knives can easily be deflected by any defence with sufficient priority to handle its velocity.[1]

Twin Edged Wings - Recollection Release

The Twin Edged Wings in their recollection release state.

If the memories of the Twin Edged Wings are released with the release recollection art, the two knives unite at their apexes, becoming a single, cross knife. The crossed knife can rotate with such tremendous force that the noise it makes exceeds the audible spectrum of humans.[1] The art also increases the normal thirty mel (metre) range of the throwing knives to approximately a hundred.[2]



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