The Undersea Temple (海底神殿, Kaitei Shinden?) is an undersea temple ruins dungeon that is the quest area for the «Deep Sea Plunderers» quest.


The temple is a gigantic complex of several structures built atop a large, underwater mountain. Several of the temple's structures have a dome roof while the largest structure in the back of the complex is also decorated with columns. The area around the temple is lit by several green spheres placed at the top of several columns protruding from the mountain around the temple. The front of the temple has a bridge-like structure that leads to a circular and damaged platform, with damaged columns placed around its edge. The path the leads from the platform to the temple complex is lined up with several plain columns, some of which are damaged, and leads to a wide set of stairs. A special barrier surrounds the temple starting with the area around the stairs.

The inner part of the temple is lit by yellow sphere-torches and pedestals, dying the walls in a yellowish glow. The walls are decorated in wave like patterns. The temple has traps, including a drain trap, and has various sea creatures guarding it. The temple has several floors connected by stairs and has a special room with a nest that houses the The Child's Egg.


Extra EditionEdit

On July 25, 2025, Agil, Asuna, Kirito, Klein, Leafa, Lisbeth, Silica and Yui came to the Undersea Temple for the Deep Sea Plunderers quest, as it was rumored to have whales in it and Yui wanted to see and ride one. After accepting the quest from Nerakk and finding out that they needed to retrieve a pearl from thieves who had taken refuge in the temple, the party proceeded to the temple, encountering traps and monsters along the way. After several battles, including a battle with an Armachthys and a large crab monster, the party found the pearl and left the temple to give it to Nerakk. However, before Kirito could return it, Asuna suspected that something was wrong after Lisbeth mentioned that they had not encountered any thieves in the temple, thus she took the "pearl" and, viewing it in the light, noticed that it was actually an egg. After they refused to give the egg to Nerakk, he transformed to his true form, Kraken the Abyss Lord, and nearly wiped out the party, but Leviathan the Sea Lord intervened by throwing his trident in front of the Kraken and telling it that he would defend his territory if the Kraken wished to continue fighting. The Kraken then retreated and Leviathan retrieved the egg, completing the quest, and summoned a whale to bring the fairies back to Alfheim.



  • With -98m altitude, its entrance is the lowest special location that relates to a mission in ALO aside from those in Jötunheimr as of July 2025.


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