• Kirito's Dual Blades
  • Heathcliff's Holy Sword

Unique Skills (ユニークスキル, Yunīku Sukiru?) are «Extra Skills» in «Sword Art Online» that are assigned to only a single player per skill. Like other Extra Skills, the prerequisites for receiving «Unique Skills» are unknown, but they are said to be given to players who fulfill a certain physical requirement. By the end of Sword Art Online, only two players were known to have Unique Skills: Heathcliff had «Holy Sword» and Kirito had «Dual Blades».

Although Sword Skills were later implemented into ALfheim Online, certain suspicious conditional skills, including «Unique Skills», were removed from the system. It is rumored that about ten skills were removed during verification, which is coincidentally the amount of «Unique Skills» said to have been created.

List of Unique SkillsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Acquisition References
Battoujutsu 抜刀術
Unlocked by completing the «Katana» skill.[1][citation needed] [2]
Darkness Blade 暗黒剣
(Ankoku Ken)
Unlocked by killing the most other players.[1][citation needed] [2]
Dual Blades 二刀流
Given to the player with the fastest reaction speed. [3]
Holy Sword 神聖剣
Given to the strongest player. [citation needed]
Infinite Spear 無限槍
(Mugen Yari)
Unlocked by completing the «Two-Handed Assault Spear» skill.[1][citation needed] [2]
Shurikenjutsu 手裏剣術
Unlocked by completing the «Blade Throwing» skill.[1][citation needed] [2]


  • The aforementioned «Unique Skills», apart from Dual Blades and Holy Sword, were supposed to be unlocked after reaching the 90th floor.[2]
  • Kayaba Akihiko stated that Dual Blades was given to the player with the fastest reaction time. The chosen player was supposed to be the hero that would face him at the top of the 100th Floor.
  • Kayaba Akihiko also stated that there were only ten «Unique Skills» total, in contrast to the "unlimited" number of other skills.



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