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  • I am an attack helicopter.

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Announcement: My final paper sword of 2014, «Excelsis». Read more at this blog post.

I made a prologue that may become an original work, but for now, I'll list it as an extension on the SAO Timeline. What do you think?

1/world - Prologue

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Kind of tentative, since I have college. Maybe I'll be active in regards to SAO when Season 3 picks up... but now, SAO is pretty much second-priority. T-T

WritingEdit Truth and IdealsEdit

Adventure/Drama - (Self-Insert) - Rated T (Violence, Death, Language)
Kai Socrius is a member of the Red guild «Laughing Coffin», but he begins to have doubts regarding the Guild's ideals and PoH's vision for a "utopia for the strong." When the Guild's members stray from their statement of being keepers of justice, Kai resorts to being a front-liner, and fighting for freedom from the Death Game for all of the trapped players. Alternate Timeline.

Alternative TimelineEdit

  • Kirito is not the only known "Beater".
  • This FF does not focus on Kirito, but he is a main character.
  • The Ruby Palace (100th Floor) will be reached, and Heathcliff is the final boss.
  • The FF plot will coincide with both the SAO anime and light novel elements, but may deviate from some interactions.
  • The remaining 8 Unique Skills will be revealed, but some will be done so prior to reaching the 90th Floor.

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Thank you, Tap-sama. I cannot consider these mine anyways.

The Teachings of Sword Art OnlineEdit

  • Episode 2: "You tried to do what I could not." --Kirito
  • Episode 3: "Survive until the end..." --Klein
  • Episode 4: "In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things." --Kirito
  • Episode 6: "If you married someone, that means you love every side of your significant other that you already know. So if you find a new side after to love, doesn’t that mean you’ll love your partner even more? - Kirito
  • Episode 7: "I'd rather die with someone than let them die alone." --Kirito
  • Episode 8: "Unless we do our best, it isn't fair to [others] who are supporting us." --Kirito
  • Episode 9: "There is no point if you die." --Klein
  • Episode 9: "Suffering builds character." --Klein

In progress.

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