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Employment is the bane of NEETism, and my hours and salary suck. Still money is necessary and I'm not able to be an active editor as much as I like.

Current admin alongside Gsimenas, KDTV, and TUSF. If you have any content suggestions feel free to ask, I generally visit weekly so any and all messages will be addressed within a week at the least.

Hao-sama, Gsimenas and I are bureaucrats but Gsimenas is probably the most active one.

Also, according to the wiki personality test I'm a mystic.

That being said my role on this wiki is personnel director and moderator of new projects mostly. If you have new ideas and wish to present them just take them up with me and from there we can make decision with the rest of the community, that is if you want to skip the line or not bring it up in discord.

My favorite pages

Anime, Manga and Video Games

I found a fun series called Arifureta, evil, cruel, and powerful my favorite kind of hero.

Also does every WN recently have this premise: Different world, and/or reincarnation


(list of offenders, yet still interesting somehow despite the premise)

  • Tate Yuusha
  • Arifureta
  • Mushoku Tensei
  • Sendai Yuusha
  • Re:Monster
  • Master of Monsters
  • Souen no Historia
  • Yuusha Party
  • Etc (It  won't stop for some reason this premise is infinite)

Fall Season SAO II, Log Horizon, Madan Ou, and Fate/Stay Night, .

As guessed favorite anime is SAO, no-brainer.  Times rewatched: 20

I'm working my way through all the tales series.

Vesperia, Grace, Xillia, Symphonia, Abyss.

Now FF series.


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690 / 1000
Retired Admin Chat User Scholar "Delegator" Spam Buster
720 / 1000
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748 / 1000
912 / 1000
God Mode Kingmaker World Creator Deletion Master Lecturer
Cheat / 1000
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About this site

In general I try to keep this site simple without tossing in too many special features

We have a total of 5 admins, and for now everything is good with that.

Everything we do is to make information finding easier, if a feature confuses you tell me immediately.

We have an effective anti-vandal system, that has stopped this wikia from becoming a registered users only wikia

Also, admin elections may be held as the need arises or an admin retires (probably gonna be me in few years).

Finally, if you do something unforgivable, like getting me mad, I will publically crucify you and block you from the wikia.

Oh yeah I'm also admin on the Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance wikia, and one  of the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor wikia. Still this wikia is my primary wikia. still admin on an old wikia for Yureka, but it is inactive for all intents and purposes.

Subpages and useful list of stuff

Affiliate requests



Purple / Black, and change the Purple to Blue/Green, Gold and Black,  Purple and White,

Cause I'm Bored Here are some made up guides to fill some time

Dim's guide to wikia editing (With new Subtext)

Rule no. 1 - I rule (Obviously)

Rule no. 2 - Listen to me (Or else you'll get endless lectures and I'll get endless complaints)

Rule no. 3 - If you are here to find information and can't find it, look to the anime or light novel and then add it yourself. (Being useful is better than complaining)

Rule no. 4 - If you think you can do it better then tell me. (I'm open minded)

Rule no. 5 - If you see a vandal, undo his work, or tell someone about it. (Vandals will be smited.)

Rule no. 6 - Respect the leaderboard no. 1 (They are the reason this site is alive)

Rule no. 7 - Respect the admins, they are very useful in ways (mostly the other two, I'm comic relief mostly and random idea guy)

Rule no. 8 - For advanced editing we have numerous guidelines to assist. (If you add alot make sure it isn't just about quantity, but quality as well.)

Rule no. 9 - If for any reason you think this wikia is getting too up tight let me know I'll try and loosen the regulations (cause fascism isn't a fun environment to work in)

Rule no. 10 - I got nothing (I just want to have 10 rules like the 10 commandments.)