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  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is System Analyst
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Hello guys. How are you? I'm Ethrundr, a wandering contributors who wanders from one wikia to other wikia that interest me. Currently, I'm appointed as this wikia's Rollbacker and Chat Moderator, along with Atlhetiger as the ChairwomanGsimenas as the Third-in-Command, Insanemater and MyProjectAlicization.

I also one of the senior editors that still active for this wikia. In the Chat Moderator's Tree of Power, I'm acting as the Head of Rule Enforcement, with duty to create, maintain and enforce the Chat Rule, as well as the Second-in-Command and Temporary Chairman, directly under Athletiger. 

My current project then are as listed below:

  1. Kancolle Wikia, as an active technical editor.
    Attending as Technical Editor, to standardize and tidying up all codes used in the wikia.
  2. Love Live! Wikia, as an retired senior editor, Former Head Administrator and Former Chief Bureaucrat.
    Currently only come once a while to check the wikia.
  3. Clockwork Planet Wikia, as an seasonal editor,.
    Currently comes occassionaly to this wiki, and add informations as per needed.

All my pending/suspended projects:

  1. Sword Art Online Wikia, as an active senior editor and Acting Head Chat Moderator.
    Currently active as the Head of Rule Enforcement in Chat to enforce the newly re-established Chat Rule.
  2. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Wikia, as an active editor and Chat Moderator.
    Attending as Recent Activity camper and occasional editor.

Dropped/Finished Project:

  1. Kotoura-san Wikia, as active editor.
    Project has been dropped since April 1, 2013.
  2. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Wikia, as an active editor, Head Administrator and Chief Bureaucrat.
    Project has completed per April 13, 2013.
  3. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Wikia, as the Founder, Head Administrator and Chief Bureaucrat.
    This project has been started since July 8th, 2013 and currently my top-most project for this season.
  4. Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou Wikia, as an active editor, Head Administrator and Chief Bureaucrat.
    This project has started since August 12th, 2013 and will be my second priority for this season.
  5. Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Wikia, as an active editor, Head Administrator and Chief Bureaucrat.
    New project started from July 19th, 2013 and will be my third priority for this season.
  6. Outbreak Company Wikia, as an active editor, Bureaucrat and Administrator.
    New project started from August 24th, 2013 and will be my first priority as Fall season approaches.
  7. Danganronpa Wikia, as an active editor.
    Attending as Recent Activity camper and occasional editor.
  8. Neptunia Series Wikia, as an active editor.
    Attending as Recent Activity camper and occasional editor.
  9. Date a Live Wikia, as an active editor.
    Attending as Recent Activity camper and occasional editor.
  10. Sayonara Piano Sonata Wikia, as an active editor, Chat Moderator and Administrator.
    Attending as Recent Activity camper and occasional editor.
  11. Anime Songs Lyric Wikia, a wikia I started myself.
    This is not an important project, so this wikia will only be developed when I have spare time. Experimental codes also being tested over here.

Non-Wikia Memberships:

  1. Anime News Network, as a voluntary editor.
    I'll post everything about the series that I have watched that has still lack of informations.
  2. Baka-Tsuki Translation Community, as a Project Supervisor, Translation Editor and PDF Builder.
    Currently editing and supervising Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi LN Translation. More details here.
  3. Sword Art Online Roleplay Forum, as Technical Adminstrator.
    Forum currently on Beta-Testing phase.
  4. KAORI Nusantara Forum, as member of KAORI Newsline, and Manager of Loli FC Fanpage.
    This forum is a local Indonesian Otaku Forum. All posts inside are posted in Indonesian language.

If you need to contact me about this wikia, please contact me on my local usertalk page. Any other message, please post it directly to my private IRC Channel by joining #Ethrundr channel, on the Freenode IRC Server. I'll help you as long as I can.

Happy Editing,
Ethrundr (Local Talkpage), at your service!

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Ongoing Projects: Character Image SongEdit

Project Progress: 64.82%


  1. Progress marks:
    • Done = Progress Finished
    • Partially = Only Part of the Progress is Finished [1][2]
    • o = In Progress/On Draft
    • - = Not Available/Not Started Yet
  2. I'll put my plan on the "Plan" section below.
  3. Please contact me before adding the "Still-Red" pages.
  4. I prioritized on Romaji lyrics only. Anyone with kanji and english are free to add them.
  5. Project Members/Helpers:


Song Lists:

No. Title Character Lyrics Files
Romaji Kanji English Audio Video
1 My Independent Destiny Asuna Done Done Done Partially Done
2 Memory Heart Message Sachi Done Done Done Partially Done
3 ☆Lovely Super Idol☆ Silica Done Done Done Partially Done
4 Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! Lisbeth Done Done Done Partially Done
5 I Know "Ai" Yui Done Done - Done -
6 Face To You Suguha Done Done - Done Done
7 Sky The Graffiti Leafa - - - Done -
8 Sword & Soul Kirito - - - Done -
9 Sing All Overtures [3] Kirito
- - - o -

Update NotesEdit

  1. If this occurs on the Audio row, means either the Instrumental or Off Vocal version of the song is not posted yet.
  2. If this occurs on the Lyric row (any of them), means only part of the lyric is posted (not full version yet.)
  3. This page project is suspended, since the audio file source is corrupted.

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Extreme Insomnia Vandals Hunter Spam Buster Sleeping Stalker LV.3 Multiprocessing Brain
Guideline Author Insane Workawikiholic Wiki-Hopper Randomness Anime Lolicon
750 / 1000
Chat Everywhere Nickname Master Addicted Chatter Coding Random Things Thrower
800 / 1000


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Vandalism, Jokes and EditsEdit

We know that there lot of people who hate this series, as well as the number of fans and lover, but if you haters want to make fun of us, please re-consider! We won't keep silent even for one bit of vandalism happened on this wikia.

For those vandals, this is my motto: 


Also, for jokes, please consider that your jokes is: only happen on someone's message wall (if individual) or forum page or chat room (if communal), and have no ill-intention anywhere on it (implicitly or explicitly). No jokes will be accepted if performed by creating useless page, uploading useless image, offended someone (especially when that "someone" is an active officer here) or ruined up any previously-existing pages. Do any of them, even just one bit, you'll be considered as ill-intended vandals, and will be reccommended to got full ban (1 year's worth of ban) from both chat and wikia at instant. Please remember this carefully.

Personally, I love everyone who edit and contribute in wikia, any wikia (not specific to just this wikia), but my love will change into hatred if you do harm to us.

Chat Moderator, Rollbacker, Spam-Buster, Vandals-Hunter and Active Senior Editor of Sword Art Online Wiki.

Naming in WikiaEdit

More detailed list can be found on: Official Naming List and Editor Common Mistakes

Romaji Official NamingEdit

Here are provided the list of official naming on the characters of Sword Art Online anime. I also provided the several possibilities of mistakes on their names:

No Kanji Romaji Official Name Possible Mistakes
1 キリト Kirito Kirito n/a
2 アスナ Asuna Asuna n/a
3 クライン Kurain Klein Cline
4 エギル Egiru Agil Egil
5 リズベット Rizubetto Lisbeth Lizbeth, Lisbet, Lizbet, Liz
6 シリカ Sirika Silica Scilica, Sirika*
7 クラディール Kuradiru Kuradeel Kuradil, Cradil
8 リーファ Rīfa Leafa Lyfa
9 ヒースクリフ Hīsukurifu Heathcliff n/a
10 カインズ Kainzu Caynz Kains

Important NotesEdit

  • Note for "Caynz": NEVER mistype his name into "Kains", since both name are definitely different character, as stated on the novel.\
  • Names marked with asteriks (*) indicates that the name is the original romanization of the kanji form, but not used as the official naming for the character and proven to be a wrong naming.
  • The Romanization of the character name (Romaji form) is NOT their official name used, and tend to be a 'wrong' version for the character naming. The official name is listed under "Official Name" column.

Non-Romaji Official NamingEdit

There are some characters, which used the "Official Naming" as their official name, rather than using the  romanization of their Kanji like most characters. For characters which have this kind of naming, both name are correct  and official. Here are the list of this "bi-naming" characters:

No Kanji Official Romaji Official Naming Used
1 シンカー Shinka Thinker
2 ユリエール Yurieru Yulier
3 ヨルコ Yoruko Yolko
  • Fact about official naming: Character with dual names like this case, usually have their official name in English.

Trivial NamingEdit

Name listed down here are name that the official one not yet known, but there already some variations on the naming:

No Kanji Naming Used in Wikia Known Variations
1 ゴドフリー Godfree Godfrey
2 Sylvain Sylvein, Swilvane
3 Aarun Arun, Alne
4 G-Takusu Jiitakusu, Jitakusu, Jitax
5 Grimlock Grimrock
6 Cobert Cobalt, Covatz, Corbert, Colbalt, Colbert

For all editors, please consider to do some research on editing the names which still have no official naming yet. For those which already have known official naming, please use it in every page you edit.

Merry ChristmasEdit

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope all of you still remembered her:

Opening - Sachi

I'd like to wish a very merry christmas for her up there :)

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