Roles[edit | edit source]

I'm currently one of the admins and content-moderator on this wiki as well as the German SAO Wiki, primarily focusing on technical issues and theme design. If you have suggestions / want to give feedback, or need pages renamed/deleted, just let me know.

About[edit | edit source]

Hi, obviously, my name is Mamue. The person doing the PDF stuff with all SAO stories that can be found on the net, that's me. If you're interested, visit the SAO archive which I started and am the project leader of. Technical assistance is provided by me for the SAO Scans Project, too.

Contact[edit | edit source]

For anyone who wants to contact me, write on

Useful / Interesting pages[edit | edit source]

Chat Logout Event List
Special Pages Overview
Mamue/Translation template

Wiki-Work[edit | edit source]

  • Image housekeeping
  • adding sources, references and citations
  • minor fixes here and there
  • technical support for the wiki
  • revising the badge tracks
  • standardising Infobox templates
  • enabling dark mode on the wiki

SAO-Archive[edit | edit source]

Current members:

  • Mamue (Project Leader)
  • Mttblue2 (Illustration editing, Epub compilation, second in command)

Thanks to Mttblue2 we are going to replace the images in the LN's with English translated HD illustrations and epubs will be provided thanks to him. Illustrations (cleaned and edited) are available here.

Special thanks to Gsimenas for translating text on illustrations, when no translation was available!

Be sure to check regularly if our status update was modified.

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