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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is Student
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For People Who Wish to Read the Light NovelEdit

If you want to read the light novel in English here:

Contributing to the WikiEdit

I mainly do edits, if I ever upload pictures I only do stuff from the novels. Too lazy to go though the anime. I like to take up big projects and "renovate" whole articles of the space of 1 or 2 weeks. You can pretty much always find me lurking around the wiki so I also do a lot of minor stuff.

Anime and What NotEdit


Anime and What NotEdit

I read the SAO light novels (translated since I'm too dumb to know another language) and I like playing games and watching anime. Hoping for a season 2 of btooom, accel world and sword art online.

Right now for anime I'm watching Fairy Tail - thoughts - pretty standard, doesn't really bring anything new to the genre but I still like it

Zetsuen No Tempest - thoughts - Yoshino is the biggest playa... I mean pretending you have a girlfriend when she's actually dead to make the other girl jealous and like you more... Obviously a playa... I mean who wouldn't actually notice that Hakaze likes him

Also started and am now caught up with AKB0048/Next Stage - thoughts - It's kinda girly but meh... And who can't love guerilla concerts. It's amazing, not gonna lie. NOOOOOOOO Yuuko is gone! oh wait, she was kinda a jerk to her friends so I don't care. Nagisa and Chieri still need to do a duet. Favourite songs from this right now are probably Tibou Bi Tsuite and Pioneer.

Just started Love Live: School Idol project - thoughts -

  • 1. Shut up Nico
  • 2. Shut up Niko

Also started Chihayafuru and heres my thoughts: - Thoughts as of episode 33 -

  • 1. Chihaya's sister is a huge biatch. I mean she gets angry because her sister doesn't want to follow her and watch her everywhere and instead do something she likes? What a huge jerk! I mean just because shes a somewhat famous model doesn't mean she can be like that -_-
  • 2. How did she go from being OP to crap and making a fault on every second card...
  • 3. D: is there going to be a love triangle!?

I just finished Angel Beats! and I really don't understand the ending so if anyone thinks they do please explain to me :).

Games and Other HobbiesEdit

I mainly play League of Legends and minecraft for video games and I might get back into Startcraft II. I do play Yugioh and might get back into MtG. And I also make Gundam models. If you wanna add me on LoL I play on Riot NA Server and my username is PandaCraft.

My Favourite PagesEdit

I think these are the 2 pages I've put the most work so I like them :)

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