Chat Logout Event

When someone logged out or close the chat window, after few moments he'll considered as logged out. In this wikia we have modified the logout message, and creating a random logout event, which will occur differently on each user joined the chat. Currently, there are total of eighty events live for the chat.

Given that each person will get different endings, you might like to share what a logged out user's got to the others. Sharing also make possible on forging a whole new exciting events, that even might not happening in the original Sword Art Online series.

Join our chat now, and be the part of fun logout event. Make sure NOT to collect them all, or you'll "die" from the chat with some retarded ways.

Notes on Reading

The list below only consist of the event text that will appear after your name in the chat. Please read all the event text below in this format:

<Your Username><Event Text>


Username   : Ethrundr
Event Text : 'got first place in the Bullet of Bullets.'

So you must read:
Ethrundr got first place in the Bullet of Bullets.

Perfect Ending

We have one perfect ending for each Arc, so in total there are four endings, with around 5.00% odds.

List of Perfect Ending Event(s):

  1. 'has defeated the final boss. They have been automatically logged out.'
  2. 'has successfully reached the top of World Tree.'
  3. 'got first place in the Bullet of Bullets.'
  4. 'managed to defeat Quinella in battle without getting their Fluctlight fried.'

Good/Happy Ending

We have five ending considered as good or happy, with around 6.25% odds.

List of Good/Happy Ending Event(s):

  1. 'got automatically logged out because the game is cleared.'
  2. 'was logged out of the system due to a bug in the system.'
  3. 'found out Kayaba's ID and logged themselves out.'
  4. 'has successfully retrieve the Excaliber and saved from Ragnarok'
  5. 'used a gift grenade to end the Bullet of Bullets in a tie.'

Bad/Sad Ending

We have eight ending considered as bad or sad, with around 10.00% odds.

List of Bad/Sad Ending Event(s):

  1. 'died while attempting to battle against the Final Boss!'
  2. 'died while protecting their guildmates.'
  3. 'sacrificed themselves to allow the Boss Raid Party to escape.'
  4. 'killed themselves because all of his Guild members were killed in front of them.'
  5. 'has died due the Divine Stone of Returning Soul failing to activate in time.'
  6. 'defeated the last Beast-type Evil God and accidentally caused Ragnarok.'
  7. 'used the Sacrifice spell to give the World Tree raiding party a chance to break through the guardians.'
  8. 'got their Fluctlight hacked and was turned into an Integrity Knight'.

Retarded Ending

For the Retarded Endings, given that they have quite lot of events, it'll be splitted to three subcategories: Most Retarded, Very Retarded and Retarded. There are total of sixty-two retarded events from all three subcategories.

Most Retarded

There are six events listed under this subcategory, with around 7.50% odds.

List of Most Retarded Ending Event(s):

  1. 'killed by a Ragout Rabbit because they forgot how to use Sword Skills.'
  2. 'died humiliatingly to a Frenzy Boar on the first floor...'
  3. 'got punched out by a girl because he suggested "Moral Code Removal".'
  4. 'slipped while charging at the boss and landed headfirst in its way.'
  5. 'fell asleep in the middle of battle.'
  6. 'managed to solo the final boss with 1 HP left but then got hugged to death.'

Very Retarded

There are twelve events listed under this subcategory, with around 15.00% odds.

List of Very Retarded Ending Event(s):

  1. 'was assaulted by Little Nepents after puncturing a seed.'
  2. 'has mistakenly drank a poison instead of potion.'
  3. 'has got lost in the Forest of Wandering and got bullied by Drunken Apes.'
  4. 'got their equipment stolen by gremlins and ran into a powerful monster afterwards.'
  5. 'slipped and fell off of Aincrad.'
  6. 'killed by friendly fire due to too many people using Sword Skills.'
  7. 'had their sword broken by the boss while in an active Anti-Crystal field.'
  8. 'got swallowed up by a giant worm while searching for an inn in a deserted town and ended up in a high-level dungeon.'
  9. 'tried to get the Martial Arts skill, but got stuck with whiskers, so he killed himself!'
  10. 'tried climbing the outer circumference of Aincrad and fell from a great height.'
  11. 'had low health and was killed by a player practicing their knife throwing skills while on their way to town to get healing potions.'
  12. 'tried sleeping in a safe area of a dungeon, but after not being able to take the noise, ended up being killed along the way out of the dungeon while half-asleep.'


There are fourty-four events listed under this subcategory, with around 55.00% odds.

List of Retarded Ending Event(s):

  1. 'had their NerveGear unplugged and their brain fried.'
  2. 'has fallen into a deadly trap.'
  3. 'got paralyzed while soloing and subsequently killed.'
  4. 'got PK-ed by Laughing Coffin.'
  5. 'fell to The Great Void.'
  6. 'has been hit by the Death Gun.'
  7. 'got a critical hit in PvP and the HP bar fell to 0.'
  8. 'accidentally fell on the sharp end of their own weapon!'
  9. 'got squished by a Trembling Cow!'
  10. 'was actually an AI, and was deleted by Cardinal.'
  11. 'found a glitch in the game and got stuck in a wall before suffocating to death.'
  12. 'was found with rogue items in his inventory and was deleted by ALO administrators.'
  13. 'fell down into a lake in Lugru Corridor and get killed by the monster.'
  14. 'failed his spells too much and depleted his own HP…'
  15. 'accidentally cut himself with his own lightsaber.'
  16. 'hit the altitude limit and fall from top of World Tree.'
  17. 'got a quest's progress bugged and got stuck in a flying house before jumping out.'
  18. 'had their fluctlight collapse!'
  19. 'got freaked out after seeing an astral-type monster and had a heart attack.'
  20. 'didn't have enough sleep and fell unconscious while fighting a pack of Kobolds.'
  21. 'got paralyzed by gravity magic and forced to suffer an unbearable amount of pain.'
  22. 'fell into the lair of a powerful boss while wandering in a dungeon.'
  23. 'got sniped from a long distance while on their way home.'
  24. 'assaulted by a madman with a minigun.'
  25. 'got backstabed with a photon sword while attempting to snipe another player.'
  26. 'died due to not treating their cold in time.'
  27. 'got killed with a Gift Grenade.'
  28. 'got assaulted by a group of goblins while exploring the North Cave'.
  29. 'died after being impaled by multiple Guardians.'
  30. 'has successfully logged out, but ended up being an experimental subject in another game.'
  31. 'ran towards a horde of monsters and was killed violently.'
  32. 'died due to the Piercing Dot Continuous Damage effect.'
  33. 'was assassinated while sleeping.'
  34. 'received a deadly combo from Illfang the Kobold Lord.'
  35. 'got eaten by a plant monster while hunting for the Pneuma Flower.'
  36. 'was frozen by the Frost Dragon.'
  37. 'was blown above a large hole by a blizzard attack and fell down to their demise.'
  38. 'overestimated their strength by entering a dungeon that was too hard for them.'
  39. 'lost in all-out PvP battle and died afterward.'
  40. 'was sliced by a player after accidentally startling him around the corner in a dangerous area.'
  41. 'tried camping a tower with a minigun but got killed by other players throwing in a plasma grenade into the room.'
  42. 'got killed by a monster due to suffering from a cold in real life and thus not being to focus on defending themselves.
  43. 'was stung to death by many Wind Wasps.'
  44. 'suffered an instant kill hit from a boss monster while scouting its attack patterns.'

Bad Luck Ending

Unfortunately, we have only one bad luck ending around, with around 1.25% odds.

List of Bad Luck Ending Event(s):

  1. 'messed with a user and earned Dim1's wrath, survival chances: none.'

Ending Odds

No. Ending Category Total Odds # of Events
1 Perfect Ending 5.00% 4
2 Happy or Good Endings 6.25% 5
3 Sad or Bad Endings 10.00% 8
4 Most Retarded Endings 7.50% 6
5 Very Retarded Endings 15.00% 12
6 Retarded Endings 55.00% 44
7 Bad Luck Endings 1.25% 1
TOTAL 100.00% 80

Possible Event Updates

Here's the list of possible event updates, which is being proposed by our editors. If their event is approved by popular poll and posted on the chat, their name will be credited under the "Creative Team" (only if they haven't listed yet).

No. Event Name Event Category Proposed By
1 'faced Gytis' editing wrath for trolling pages.' Bad Luck Endings Athletiger
2 'shot themselves to death while cleaning their gun.' Retarded Endings Luablood
3 'has been stabbed to death for peeking a look at Asuna while she was taking a bath.' Retarded Endings Luablood
4 'found a cure for Konno Yuuki.' Perfect Endings C933103
5 'attempted to face off against Eth the Chat Haunter, but got scared of his chat stalking and ran off to hide in another chat.' Bad Luck Endings Gsimenas
6 forgot how to swim and drowned.' Retarded Endings KurokamiZero

Please post your comment regarding these event proposals on the comment

Logout Event Development Team

Feel creative enough to make any sort of events, from good one to a retarded one? Then, join our Sword Art Online Wiki Chat Logout Event Development Team! You can submit your own endings, based on the Sword Art Online series. The events can be from any arcs: Aincrad Arc, Progressive Arc, Fairy Dance Arc, Phantom Bullet Arc or even Alicization Arc. If you wish to join, please join our chat and contact one of the Development Team Heads present on the chat at the time you joined.

Here's the list of Chat Logout Event Team:

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