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In this article we'd like to provide you list of naming we used in this wikia, for characters, locations, guilds, spells and monsters.

To use this article, just simply find any information you need. However, considering that this list has quite lot number of information, we suggest anyone who coming here to find information for using the "Intra-document Search", by pressing Ctrl+F (or ⌘+F on Mac OS) button on your keyboard and then search the entry you'd like to find.

Brief Notes and Editing Guide

Please spare some of your time reading this notes first, as it will help you understand the whole table below. These notes also provide you with details and a guide for editing and updating information on the list.
  1. Bolded names with references are confirmed as official and all known sources are added as references (reference list below the table). Official sources are:
    • Names written in the Latin alphabet that are posted by Reki Kawahara on his Twitter.
    • Names written in the Latin alphabet in the novel.
    • Text written in the Latin alphabet in the raw anime (e.g. HP bars, friend list, Kayaba's log out list, Monument of Life etc.)
  2. Italicized names are semi-official. Semi-official sources are:
    • Official (Daisuki etc.) anime subs, except for Cruchyroll[† 1].
    • Official anime dub[† 2]
    • Official translations of the novel by Yen Press{{NoteTag|[[User blog:TUSF/Yen Press Mistakes|List of mistakes}}
    • Web novel[† 3]
    • Web novel illustrations[† 3]
    • SAO no Subete (official guidebook).[† 4]
  3. Fansubs are not a valid reference.
  4. Names that are neither bolded nor italicicised are not sourced at all. They can be challenged by starting a discussion on the forums, but, without any good reason, we will not be changing them to keep the wiki's naming consistent. Changing the name without discussion is FORBIDDEN, as it causes inconsistencies in the wiki's naming and renaming should not be done under just personal opinion.
    • Light Novel translations made by anyone other than Yen Press are unofficial, unless the English form was given in the raw. This includes translated illustrations (e.g. ALO map).
  5. For the "Kanji" rows, although the header name is "Kanji", it may consist of Katakana or Hiragana, as Katakana and Hiragana is also part of Japanese Kanji. Please refrain from changing the header for the sake of consistency for all tables and lists.
  6. Romaji forms are the romanized pronunciation forms of the kanji or katakana forms. They are usually not the official spelling of the names, aside from a few exceptions, like Kirito or Asuna.
    • For example: letter "L" is pronounced as "R" or "Ru", "Th" is pronounced as "su", "za" or "si" (shi), letter "W" is pronounced as "U", letter "C" is pronounced as "Ka" or "K" (unless the "C" is pronounced as c in "city", in which case "shi", "sa" or "su" is used instead), etc.
    • Each consonant (except "n") in the Japanese kana system has to come with a vowel, meaning that in the case that an English word has more than 1 consonant in a row, the consonant without a vowel is usually pronounced with an added "u" vowel. For example, "skill" is pronounced as "sukiru".
    • The Japanese tend to omit pronouncing "R" in a word and, instead, just make the vowel before it longer. For example, the English word "Art" is pronounced as "Āto" (long A), instead of "Aruto".
    • The last vowel in a word is usually silent.
  7. All names on the wiki follow the novel's naming standards. This means that we do not westernize Japanese names (we use Yuuki Asuna, not Asuna Yuuki), while non-Japanese characters (including native Underworld residents) follow the western naming convention of: Given name - Family name (e.g. Alice Schuberg, not Schuberg Alice).
    • Japanese naming convention is the reverse of normal western naming convention, which use the format of: Family Name Given Name.
  8. For those who are not aware, here is a list of some common abbreviation used:
    • SAO = Sword Art Online. Mainly about the story in the Aincrad Arc.
    • ALO = ALfheim Online. Mainly about the story in the Fairy Dance Arc.
    • FD = Fairy Dance.
    • PB = Phantom Bullet Arc.
    • GGO = Gun Gale Online. Mainly about the story in the Phantom Bullet Arc.
    • PA = Project Alicization. The secret government project in the Alicization Arc, equivalent of a game from other arcs.
    • UW = Underworld. A location used in the Alicization Arc.
    • SAOP = Sword Art Online Progressive.
    • MR = Mother's Rosario.
    • LN = Light Novel.
    • SS = Side Story.
    • IGN = In-game Name.
    • OP = Opening Credit.
    • ED = Ending Credit.
    • OST = Original Soundtrack.
    • RL = Real Life.
    • NPC = Non-Playable Characters.
    • IM = Infinity Moment.
    • HF = Hollow Fragment.
  9. For entries that have any details hidden within this page, it means that the information contains some spoilers. Do not open the hidden details if you do not wish to be spoiled.
  10. Characters included in this list are only those who have avatars or have differences between the "used" naming and their actual romanization. For location and guilds, all known location and guilds will be included.
  11. Integrity Knights are also given an official title that consists of their given name, Synthesis, and a number, based on their order of joining the Knights. Both Synthesis and the number are English words written in katakana (with a translation in kanji) in the raw.
  12. All character names and details in this list are written chronologically. Please check the chronology of a character before adding them to this list.
  13. To add new or update existing names to the list, please either contact Gsimenas or start a discussion on the forums. For updating existing names, please provide at least one valid (either semi-official or official) reference to prove the name validity.

Official and Wiki Spelling: Character

Aincrad Arc Characters

Aincrad Arc Characters
In-game Name Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Real Name Notes
Kirito Kirito [1][2][3][4][5] キリト Kirito

Kirigaya Kazuto

In-game name formed from his real name, taking Kiri from Kirigaya and to from Kazuto.
Kirito decided to use the kana form of his name in ALO in the novel, even though the anime doesn't depict this.
Klein Klein [2][6][4] クライン Kurain Tsuboi Ryoutarou[7][† 5]
Name taken from the phrase "Kurain no Tsuboi" (Klein bottle) based on his real name[7].
? Coper コペル Koperu ?
Erika (ALO)[8]
Asuna [5][9][10][11][4] アスナ Asuna Yuuki Asuna Uses her real name for her display name.
Argo Argo [5][12] アルゴ Arugo ?
Diavel Diavel [13][14] ディアベル Diaberu ? Diavel means "devil" in an Italian dialect.
Kibaou Kibaou [2][6] キバオウ Kibaou ? Kibaou means Fang King.
Agil Agil [6][4][15] エギル Egiru Andrew Gilbert Mills IGN probably based on his real name (Andrew Gilbert)
Nezha Nezha [5] ネズハ Nezuha ?
Lind Lind [6] リンド Rindo ?
Orlando Orlando [16] オルランド Orurando ? Based on a knight of the same name who served Emperor Charlemagne of France and held the sacred Sword Durandal.
Beowulf Beowulf [16] ベオウルフ Beōrufu ? Based on the legendary English hero, Beowulf.
? Cu Chulainn [16] クフーリン Kufūrin ? Based on the celtic hero Cú Chulainn.

Can also be spelt as Cú Chulaind or Cúchulainn.

Morte Morte [5] モルテ Morute ?
Sachi Sachi [17] サチ Sachi ?
Keita Keita [2] ケイタ Keita ?
Tetsuo Tetsuo [18] テツオ Tetsuo ?
? Sasamaru ササマル [19] Sasamaru ? Name mentioned just before the OP of Episode 3
? Ducker ダッカー [19] Dakkā ? The only character who was never named in either the novels, nor the anime. The credits are the only known source for his name.
Silica Silica [4][20][21][22][6] シリカ Shirika Ayano Keiko In-game name comes from the oxidized form of the 14th element in the periodic table (Silicon dioxide, a.k.a Silica). This is because the kanji for Keiko means Silicon in Japanese (Keiko's family has a tradition in giving names to their children) [22]
? Rosalia ロザリア Rozaria ?
Yolko Yolko [23][6] ヨルコ Yoruko ?
Caynz Caynz [5][6] カインズ Kainzu ? Caynz and Kains are 2 different players with the same name in kanji, but different romanization.
Grimlock Grimlock [6][5] グリムロック Gurimurokku ?
? Griselda グリセルダ Guriseruda Yuuko
Schmitt Schmitt [24][6] シュミット Shumitto ?
PoH PoH [5][6] プー
Vussago Casals
PoH stands for Prince of Hell. This is based on the fact that his real name, Vussago, is similar to Vassago, the Prince of Hell, in spelling.
XaXa XaXa (SAO)[6]
Shinkawa Shoichi XaXa is usually referred to as Red-Eyed XaXa due to his red goggles, however, it has been proven that his IGN is just XaXa, meaning that Red-Eyed is just an epithet.
Johnny Black Johnny Black [6] ジョニー・ブラック Jonī Burakku Kanemoto Atsushi
Lisbeth Lisbeth [25][6][4][26][27][6][28][29] リズベット Rizubetto Shinozaki Rika
Kuradeel Kuradeel [2][4][30] クラディール Kuradīru ?
Kobatz Kobatz [31] コーバッツ Kōbattsu ? His real name might be Kobayashi according to Reki, but as Reki uses "possibly" in this claim, it cannot be regarded as official yet.
Heathcliff Heathcliff [32][4][33] ヒースクリフ Hīsukurifu Kayaba Akihiko
Daizen Daizen [27] ダイゼン Daizen ?
Godfree Godfree [27] ゴドフリー Godofurī ?
Ashley Ashley [27] アシュレイ Ashurei ?
Yui-MHCP001 Yui [5] ユイ Yui Yui MHCP001 stands for Mental Health Counseling Program, Trial Product Number One.
Sasha Sasha [6] サーシャ Sāsha ?
Thinker Thinker [6] シンカー Shinkā ?
Yulier Yulier [6] ユリエール Yuriēru ?
Nishida Nishida [6] ニシダ Nishida ?

Fairy Dance Arc Characters

Fairy Dance Arc Characters
In-game Name Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Real Name Notes
Leafa Leafa [34] リーファ Rīfa Kirigaya Suguha The last kanji in Suguha means "leaf", which is most likely what "Leafa" refers to.
The anime says her display name is "Leefa", but Reki confirmed that it should be "Leafa".
Recon Recon [35] [36][37][5] レコン Rekon Nagata Shinichi Recon refers to the US reconnaissance force.
? Kagemune カゲムネ Kagemune ?
? Oberon [38] オベイロン Obeiron Sugou Nobuyuki "Fairy King" is just a self-proclaimed title, as Kirito said "ID Oberon" in Episode 24.
Sigurd Sigurd [39] シグルド Shigurudo ?
? Sakuya サクヤ Sakuya ?
Gtacs Gtacs [40] ジータクス Jītakusu ? Reki claimed that "Gtacs" is likely an abbreviation for "great tactics".[40]
? Alicia Rue アリシャ・ルー Arisha Rū ?
? Eugene ユージーン Yūjīn ?
? Mortimer モーティマー Mōtimā ?

New ALO Characters

New ALO Characters
In-game name Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Real Name Notes
? Chrysheight [35] クリスハイト Kurisuhaito Kikuoka Seijirō IGN formed from the English words "Chrysanthemum" and "Height"
The kanji for Kikouka (菊岡) mean "Chrysanthemum" and "height" respectively.
Yuuki Yuuki [5] ユウキ Yūki Konno Yuuki Uses her real name as her IGN.
? Jun ジュン Jun ?
? Thatch テッチ Tetchi ?
? Taruken タルケン Taruken ?
? Nori ノリ Nori ?
? Sieunee [41] シウネー Shiunē An Si-eun She's actually Korean. Reki changed her name in the LN after consulting with a Korean-Japanese translator.
? Ran ラン Ran Konno Aiko
? Clovis クロービス Kurōbisu ?
? Merida メリダ Merida ?
Lux [42]
Kashiwazaka Hiyori Her ALO original character's name is derived from the first kanji in Kirito's title/epithet, The Black Swordsman (黒の剣士, Kuro no Kenshi?), where "kuro" means "black".
As of Girls Ops chapter 6, she imported her SAO character into ALO.
? Rossa ロッサ Rossa ?


In-game name Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Notes
Kizmel Kizmel [5] キズメル Kizumeru
Tilnel Tilnel [5] ティルネル Tiruneru
Pina Pina [43] ピナ Pina
Ruru Ruru [5] ルル Ruru
? Tonkii トンキー Tonkī
- Cel ? ?
Leviathan the Sea Lord Leviathan [44] レヴァイアサン[45] Revaiasan Although he is officially titled "Leviathan the Sea Lord", since we don't treat him as a boss, his title is treated as an epithet.
? Urðr ウルズ Uruzu Taken from Norse mythology, the Norn of the past, Urðr.

Transliterated as Urd or Urdr.

? Þrym スリュム Suryumu Taken from Norse mythology, the king of the giants (jotnar) Þrymr.

Transliterated as Thrym, not Prym! (the first letter is Thorn, which is transliterated as "th").

Freyja [5]
Thor [5]
Taken from Norse mythology, Freyja.

Actually Thor in disguise. Reference to the poem Þrymskviða, where Thor is dressed as Freyja to infiltrate Jötunheim and reclaim his hammer, Mjöllnir.

? Angel ? ? The manga uses the term "クエストNPC:天使" in one instance, but it is unknown if that is her official name, or just a description of her race, as in-game names should be either given in katakana or the Latin alphabet.

Phantom Bullet Arc Characters

Phantom Bullet Arc Characters
In-game Name Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Real Name Notes
? XeXeeD [46] ゼクシード Zekushīdo Shigemura Tamotsu
闇風 Yamikaze 闇風(ヤミカゼ) Yamikaze ? Name given in kanji with furigana. Literally means "dark wind" or "dark breeze".
? Usujio Tarako 薄塩たらこ Usujio Tarako 塩田良己 "Usujio" is a type of soy sauce and "Tarako" means "Cod Roe"
Sinon Sinon [5] シノン Shinon Asada Shino IGN based on her real name.
? Spiegel シュピーゲル Shupīgeru Shinkawa Kyouji
Dyne Dyne [47] ダイン Dain ?
Ginrou Ginrou [47] ギンロウ Ginrou ?
Arashi Arashi [47] ? ? ?
Jin Jin [47] ? ? ?
Miso Miso [47] ? ? ?
? Behemoth [35] ベヒモス Behimosu ? Most likely taken from Behemoth.
餓丸 [48] Uemaru 餓丸(ウエマル) Uemaru ? His name is officially in kanji.
Sterben XaXa (SAO) [6]
Sterben (GGO) [5]
Shinkawa Shoichi Sterben as a medical term is mostly used in Japan.[49]
? Stinger [35] スティンガー Sutingā ? Name based on the portable surface-to-air missile launcher «Stinger». He uses «FN SCAR» carbine rifle in-game though.
? Lion King Richie 獅子王リッチー(ししおうリッチー) Shishi ō Ritchī ? Nicknamed as Camper Richie (立てこもリッチー, Tatekomo Ritchī?). This is likely a pun on his name, as 立てこもり (the last kana is taken from Richie's name) is the noun form of the verb "to barricade oneself in".
Pale Rider Pale Rider [50] ペイルライダー Peiru Raidā ?
夏侯惇 Kakouton 夏侯惇(カコウトン) Kakōton ?
銃士X Musketeer X [51] 銃士X(マスケティア・イクス) Jyuu-shi X(Masuketia Ikusu) ? The name is officially in kanji and can also mean "Gunner X". If read backwards, the name is read as Shi-jyuu X ("Death Gun X"), but this is just a coincidence.
? Shishigane シシガネ Shishigane ?
No-No No-No [5] ? ? ? His name was always given in actual English in the novel.
huuka huuka [5] ? ? ? His name was always given in actual English in the novel. His name is entirely in lower-case.
魔鎖夜 Masaya 魔鎖夜(マサヤ) Masaya ?
? Ricolo リココ Rikoko ?
? Fernil フェルネイ Ferunei ?
? Garett ギャレット Gyaretto ?
Subtilizer Subtilizer [52] サトライザー Satoraizā
Spoiler Alert! [show]
Gabriel Miller
Spoiler Alert! [show]
In the web version, it was revealed that "Subtilizer" is an English word, borrowed from French, which in turn was borrowed from Latin, where it means "one who hides things below". Reki interpreted this as "one who steals things away", similar to the French meaning of "Subtiliser", "to steal".

Alicization Arc Characters

Alicization Arc Characters
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Notes
Eugeo [53] ユージオ Yujio Doesn't have a family name.
Alice Schuberg アリス・ツーベルク Arisu Tsūberuku Also known as Alice Synthesis Thirty.

Her name is probably a reference to "Alice in the Wonderland".

Bercouli ベルクーリ Berukūri Also known as Bercouli Synthesis One. No family name.
Nigel Balbossa ナイグル・バルボッサ Naigiru Barubossa
Gasupht Schuberg ガスフト・ツーベルク Gasufuto Tsūberuku
Deusolbert デュソルバート Deyusorubāto Also known as Deusolbert Synthesis Seven. Family name unknown.
Jink ジンク Jinku Doesn't have a family name.
Sister Azariya シスター・アザリヤ Shisutā Azariya
Selka Schuberg セルカ・ツーベルク Seruka Tsūberuku
Ugachi ウガチ Ugachi
Orick オリック Orikku Doesn't have a family name.
Doyke ドイク Doiku Doesn't have a family name.
Telulu Wolde テルル・ウォルデ Teruru Uorude
Telin Wolde テリン・ウォルデ Terin Uorude
Toriza Wolde トリザ・ウォルデ Toriza Uorude
Banou Wolde バノー・ウォルデ Banō Uorude
Kelgam Zakkalight ケルガム・ザッカライト Kerugamu Zakkaraito
Egome Zakkalight イゴーム・ザッカライト Igōmu Zakkaraito
Sortiliena Serlut [54] ソルティリーナ・セルルト Soruterina Seruruto Nicknamed as Liena.
Uolo Levanteinn ウォロ・リーバンテイン Uoro Rībantein
Gorgolosso Baltoh ゴルゴロッソ・バルトー Gorugorosso Barutoo
Azurika アズリカ Azurika Unknown if she has a family name.
Raios Antinous ライオス・アンティノス Raiosu Antinosu
Humbert Zizek ウンベール・ジーゼック Unbeeru Jiizekku
Zobun ゾブン Zobun
Tiezé Shtolienen [54] ティーゼ・シュトリーネン Tīze Shutorinen In the illustration it was actually Tiese, but "z" was used by Baka Tsuki for better pronunciation indication.

The diacritic is not used on the wiki for simplicity's sake.

Ronye Arabel [54] ロニエ・アラベル Ronie Araberu
Frenica Szeski フレニカ・シェスキ Furenika Shesuki
Eldrie Woolsburg エルドリエ・ウールスブルーグ Erudorie Ūrusuburūgu Also known as Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one.
Cardinal カーディナル Kādinaru
Quinella クィネラ Kuinera
Charlotte シャーロット Shārotto
Fizel フィゼル Fizeru Also known as Fizel Synthesis Twenty-nine. Nicknamed as "Zel".
Linel リネル Rineru Also known as Linel Synthesis Twenty-eight. Nicknamed as "Nel".
Fanatio ファナティオ Fanatio Also known as Fanatio Synthesis Two. Family name unknown.
Elevating Operator 昇降係[55] Shōkō-gakari Not her actual name, but she has forgotten her real name, thus she regards the term that people refer to her as her name.
Chudelkin チュデルキン Chuderukin

Non-canon Characters

Non-canon Characters
In-game Name Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Real Name Notes
Marinca Marinca ? ? ?
Strea-MHCP002 Strea [56][57] ストレア Sutorea Strea
Philia Philia [58][59] フィリア Firia Kotone
? Aaaa ああああ[60] Aaaa ?

Official and Wiki Spelling: Locations

Special Notes

  1. For the locations section, we will provide "Alternative Names" for each locations if they exist. These lists are provided for your reference while reading the novel/manga or watching the anime.
    • Please note that all of these alternative names are considered INCORRECT in this wikia, so please refrain from using them in any of the articles here.
  2. All Aincrad locations are ordered by floor, the lowest floor being at the top, while locations on the top floor are at the bottom of the list.

Aincrad/New Aincrad Locations

Aincrad Locations
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Alternative Names
Starting City はじまりの街 Hajimari no Machi Town of Beginnings
Black Iron Palace 黒鉄宮(こくてつきゅう) Koku Tetsu Kyuu Black Iron Castle
Chamber of Resurrection [61] 蘇生者の間(そせいしゃ) Sosei-sha no Ma Room of Resurrection
Monument of Life 生命の碑 Seimei no Ishibumi
Monument of Swordsmen 剣士の() Kenshi no Hi Swordsmen Stele
Hidden Dungeon 隠しダンジョン Kakushi Danjon -
Horunka Village ホルンカ Horunka -
Tolbana トールバーナ Tōrubāna -
Urbus ウルブス Urubusu Urbas
Marome Village マロメ Marome -
Taran [5] Village タラン Taran Talan
Forest of Wavering Mist [62] 迷い霧の森(フォレスト・オブ・ウエイバリング・ミスト) Foresto obu Ueibaringu Misuto Misty Forest
Friben フリーベン Furīben -
Taft タフト Tafuto -
Ralberg ラーベルグ Rāberugu Ralback
Hill of the Cross 十字の丘 Juji no Oka -
Sunshine Forest ひだまりの森 Hidamari no Mori -
Forest Home/
Log House[63]
? ? -
Coral Village コラル Koraru -
Panareze パナレーゼ Panarēze -
Ronbaru ロンバール Ronbāru -
Wolf Plains 狼ヶ原 Ōkami ga Hara -
Mishe ミーシェ Mīshe Miche
Forest of Wandering 迷いの森 Mayoi no Mori Lost Forest, Forest of Disorientation, Bewildering Forest
Floria フローリア Furōria -
Hill of Memories 思い出の丘 Omoide no Oka -
Lindas リンダース Rindāsu Lindus
Lisbeth's Smith Shop [28] リズベット武具店 Rizubetto Bogu-ten Lizbeth's Smith Shop, Lisbeth's Equipment Shop, Lisbeth's Special Weapon Shop.
Myujen ミュージェン Myūjen Mujen, Myugen
Algade アルゲード Arugēdo -
Algade House アルゲード軒 Arugēdo Noki -
Agil's Shop エグルの店 [64] Egiru no Mise Egil's Item Shop
Granzam グランザム Guranzamu Grandum
West Mountain 西の山 Nishi no Yama -
Pani パニ Pani -
Marten マーテン Māten Martin
Danac ダナク Danaku Danak
Selmburg セルムブルグ Serumuburugu Salemburg
Kamdet カームデット Kāmudetto -
Collinia コリニア Korinia Yurinia
Arksophia [65][† 6] アークソフィア Ākusofia Arc Sophia
Ruby Palace 紅玉宮(こうぎょくきゅう) Kougyoku Kyuu Scarlet Jade Castle

ALfheim Online Locations

Alfheim Locations
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Alternative Names
World Tree [66] 世界樹 Sekaiju Yggdrasil
Swilvane [67] スイルベーン Suirubēn Sylvain, Sylvein
Ancient Forest [68] 古森 Furumori
Legrue [69] ルグルー Rugurū Ruger, Lugru
Butterfly Valley 蝶の谷 Chou no Tani -
Jötunheimr ヨツンヘイム Yotsunheimu Jotunheimr, Jotunheim
Alne [67][70] アルン Arun Aarun, Arun
Yggdrasil City [35] イグドラシル・シティ Igudorashiru Shiti -
Freelia フリーリア Furīria -
Gattan [67] ガタン Gatan Gadan
Thule Island [71] トゥーレ島 Tūre Shima Turle Island, Turtle Island, Tule Island
Undersea Temple 海底神殿 Kaitei Shinden Underwater Temple
Þrymheimr (Thrymheimr in plain English) スリュムヘイム Suryumuheimu Thrymheimr, Prymheimr

Gun Gale Online Locations

Phantom Bullet Arc Locations
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Alternative Names
SBC Gurokken SBC グロッケン SBC Gurokken -
ISL Ragnarok [35] ISL ラグナロク ISL Raganaroku -

Underworld Locations

Underworld Locations
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Alternative Names
Rulid Village ルーリッドの村 Rūriddo no Mura -
Zakkaria ザッカリア Zakkaria -
Centoria [72] セントリア Sentoria -
Sword Mastery Academy 修剣学院 Osamu Ken Gakuin Master Sword Academy
Central Cathedral [35] セントラル・カセドラル Sentoraru Kasedoraru Centoria Cathedral
Great Library Room 大図書室 Dai Tosho-Shitsu -

Real World Locations

Real World Locations
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Alternative Names
Dicey Cafe [5][73] ダイシー・カフェ Daishī Kafe -
SAO Survivor School[† 7] 《SAO》帰還者学校 "SAO" Kikan-sha Gakkō -
Ocean Turtle オーシャン・タートル Oshan Tatoru -

Official and Wiki Spelling: Guilds

Special Notes

  1. Abbreviations are registered in the game's system along with the guild name.
  2. All guilds have to register their name in English system-wise, or at least in English alphabet.
  3. All guilds in this list are ordered alphabetically.
    • Most of all guilds are from SAO (Aincrad Arc), except for "Sleeping Knights", which comes from New ALO.

SAO and New ALO Guilds

English Name Official Abbreviation Kanji Romaji Notes
Aincrad Liberation Force ALF [74]
ALS (former) [74]
アインクラッド解放隊 (former)
Ainkuraddo Kaihō-gun
Ainkuraddo Kaihō-tai (former)
Formerly, the Aincrad Liberation Squad.

Nicknamed as "The Army".

Moonlit Black Cats [75] ? 月夜の黒猫団 Tsukiyo no Kuro Neko-dan Previously translated as "Black Cats of the Full Moon" or "Black Cats of the Moonlit Night.
Divine Dragon Alliance [76] DDA [74] 聖竜連合(ディヴァイン・ドラゴンズ・アライアンス) Sei Ryū Rengō(Divain Doragonzu Araiansu)
Dragon Knights Brigade DKB


ドラゴンナイツ・ブリゲード Doragon Naitsu Burigēdo Most likely became the DDA later on in the game, based on the similar name and because the founder, Lind, was seen as a member of the DDA in the anime.
Fumaningun ? 風魔忍軍(フウマニングン) Fuumaningun
Golden Apple [5] GA [74] 黄金林檎 Ōgon Ringo
Knights of the Blood [5] KoB [74] 血盟騎士団 Ketsumei Kishi-dan Although the abbreviation for the guild is KoB, the guild is actually called "Knights of the Blood".

Kanji literally translates as "Knights of the Blood Oath".

Laughing Coffin [35] ? 笑う棺桶[77](ラフィン・コフィン) Rafin Kofin
Silver Flags [35] ? シルバーフラグス Shirubā Furagusu
Sleeping Knights [35] ? スリーピング・ナイツ Surīpingu Naitsu
Titan's Hand [35] ? タイタンズハンド Taitanzu Hando
Wind Woods Fire Mountain [78] WWFM [78] 風林火山 Fūrinkazan Although official registered as Wind Woods Fire Mountain, nobody uses the English form of it, nor the abbreviation.

Official and Wiki Spelling: Spells

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ALO Spells

Wiki Name Kanji Romaji
Aqua Bind 流水縛鎖(アクアバインド) Akua Baindo
Butterfly Shield - -
Concealment - -
Earth Wall - -
Fireball - -
Hollow Body [79] ホロウ・ボディ Horou Bodi
Metamorphosis - -
Moonlight Mirror [79] 月光鏡 Gekkō Kyō
Night Vision [80] ナイトビション Naito Bishon
Purified Surface [81] ピュリファイド・サーフェス Pyurifaido Sāfesu
Sacrifice - -
Smokescreen - -
Thunder Web 封雷網(サンダーウエブ) Sandā Uebu
Vacuum Blades - -
Water Breathing [82] ウォーター・ブレシング[83] Uōtā Bureshingu
Wind Needles - -

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  • Names given in all-katakana can be considered as official names, unless the katakana is ambiguous.
  • All monster entries are ordered by chronology.

SAO Monsters

SAO Monsters
Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Notes
Frenzy Boar [84] フレンジーボア Furenjī Boa
Little Nepent [85] リトルネペント Ritoru Nepento
Ruin Kobold Trooper [86] ルインコボルド・トルーパー Ruin Koborudo Torūpā
Ruin Kobold Sentinels [87] ルインコボルド・センチネル Ruin Koborudo Senchineru
Trembling Ox [88] トレンブリング・オックス Torenburingu Okkusu
Wind Wasp [88] ウインドワスプ Uindo Wasupu
Killer Mantis [89] キラーマンティス Kirā Mantisu
Blood Wolf Leader [90] ブラッド・ウルフ・リーダー Buraddo Urufu rīdā Called as Pup before official name known
Dark Dwarf Miner [91] 闇ドワーフ(ダークドワーフ・マイナー) Dāku Dowāfu Mainā
Granite Elemental [91] 鉱石エレメンタル(グラナイト・エレメンタル) Guranaito Erementaru
Feathery Dragon


フェザーリドラ Fezāri Dora
Drunk Ape [92] ドランクエイプ Doranku Eipu
Garish Gerbera[90] ガリッシュ・ガーベラ Garisshu gābera Known as "Mandrake" before official name found
Giant Venus Fly Trap - - Unofficially named monster
Land Anemone - - Unofficially named monster.
X'rphan the White Wyrm [93] 白竜ゼーファン Hakuryū Zēfan Although the name is official, the kanji entry is only semi-official, as all SAO names are usually written in all katakana when not using the Latin alphabet.
Ragout Rabbit [94] ラグー・ラビット Ragū Rabitto
Lizardman Lord [95] リザードマンロード Rizādoman Rōdo
Demonic Servant [96] デモニッシュ・サーバント Demonisshu Sābanto
Scavenger Toad [97] スカベンジトード Sukabenji Tōdo Alternatively could be "Scavenging Toad".
Dire Wolf[90] ダイアー・ウルフ Daiā Urufu Simply called as Wolf before official name known

Official and Wiki Spelling: Terms

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  1. For the terms section, we will provide "Incorrect versions" for each terms if they exist. These are only meant to be used as a list of common mistakes.
  2. Only problematic names will be included into the lit.


Wiki Name Kanji Romaji Incorrect versions
Argus [98] アーガス Āgasu
NerveGear [99][† 8] ナーヴギア Nāvugia NERvGear[† 9], Nerve Gear[† 10]
Col [100][† 11] コル Koru Coll, Cor
ALfheim Online [† 12] [5] アルヴヘイム・オンライン Aruvuheimu Onrain Alfheim Online[† 13]
Yrd [101] ユルド Yurudo Yurudo
Bullet of Bullets [5][102] バレット・オブ・バレッツ Baretto Obu Barettsu Ballet of Bullets[† 14]
Medicuboid [5] メディキュボイド Medikyuboido MediCuboid


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