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  • Mamue

    Ordinal Scale Review

    April 11, 2017 by Mamue

    Hey, it’s time I wrote my thoughts on Ordinal Scale down too, before I forget them. This could and probably will contain spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

    I watched the movie in Japanese with German subtitles in a cinema. The plot ties in flawlessly to the main story after the end of SAO II (Mother’s Rosario), there is no hint that the movie was originally planned as a story after Alicization ended.

    The animations were of an amazing quality. Sadly, that is also the reason scenes from the anime are distinctly discovered as flashbacks, as their quality is a huge drop compared to all new visuals.

    The subtitles were great, no spelling or grammar errors to be found. One or two times throughout the movie, Leafa was misspelled Leefa and Lyfa, though sh…

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  • Mamue

    I will use a blog for this, so I can directly reply to each reported incident.

    Tables, sortable tables, and many templates were migrated to the new theme.

    All changes that could be handled centralised were migrated. Still, we use a lot of templates, and I was not able to check each and every article personally. If you encounter anything that looks oddly out of place / colors that don't match the general theme, please report them here. If no issues come up, I consider the wiki completely migrated. Thank you

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  • Mamue

    Call Mamue Button

    January 22, 2017 by Mamue

    Same mechanic as with Gsi's blog, because I find the individual comment chains far better than the generic comment thread on the forums.

    If you have technical questions, especially about the wiki's theme design, but not restricted to, please post a comment below.

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