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    The Best SAO Scenes (Poll)

    December 20, 2016 by TUSF

    This is a poll to determine the best scenes in SAO.

    The answers to this poll were taken from this reddit thread. (/u/SAOkirito1 gave too many answers for a reasonable poll.)

    Obviously there are spoilers below. For that reason, scenes not covered in the anime will be covered in a second poll below, within the template.


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  • TUSF

    So I decided to create a blog, for saving raws I scan to. Or at least being a central point I use to share them, seeing as I save them all to Drive. Didn't feel like setting up a real site, so I just went with Blogger.

    Just getting the word out there.

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  • TUSF

    Yen Press Mistakes

    June 21, 2014 by TUSF

    This is a table of Changes and Mistakes that Yen Press' translations have made.

    -- This conflicts with information established within the book itself, or via the word of god (The author)
    -- This is a "minor error", and only conflicts with translation decisions made by the anime, and haven't been verified by the author himself.
    -- This is a case of "over localization", and doesn't affect any real information given

    YenPress: Should be: Explanation:
    "Corvatz" "Kobatz" Kawahara confirmed the spelling of this name [1]
    "Godfrey" "Godfree" Asuna's friend list, in Episode 6
    Imperial Units used Metric system Yen Press "Americanized" the translation.
    "Aincrad Liberation Army"* "Aincrad Liberation Force" Volume 2 gives the initialism as "ALF"
    "Weapon Destruc…

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  • TUSF

    "Rainbow Bridge" Side Story

    March 13, 2014 by TUSF

    So the SAO website updated with information about stuff that comes with Extra Edition, and something included is a synopsis for the side-story that comes with the special edition, named 虹の橋 ("Rainbow Bridge"/"Bridge of the Rainbow"?)


    So that's a thing.

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  • TUSF

    Unboxing & Debinding vid

    February 9, 2014 by TUSF

    So hey, I had recorded a video of unboxing, and debinding Dengeki G's Magazine. Decided to upload it just now, after letting my brother put it together. The background music that pops up half-way through was his idea xD

    It sort of serves as a tutorial, but not really. Heh.

    PS. I hate my voice.

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