This is a table of Changes and Mistakes that Yen Press' translations have made.

-- This conflicts with information established within the book itself, or via the word of god (The author)
-- This is a "minor error", and only conflicts with translation decisions made by the anime, and haven't been verified by the author himself.
-- This is a case of "over localization", and doesn't affect any real information given
YenPress: Should be: Explanation:
"Corvatz" "Kobatz" Kawahara confirmed the spelling of this name [1]
"Godfrey" "Godfree" Asuna's friend list, in Episode 6
Imperial Units used Metric system Yen Press "Americanized" the translation.
"Aincrad Liberation Army"* "Aincrad Liberation Force" Volume 2 gives the initialism as "ALF"
"Weapon Destruction" "Arms Blast" The Furigana is given in Volume 7.
"Feathery Dragon" "Feathered Little Dragon" Word of God, via twitter
"Lisbeth's Armory" "Lisbeth's Smith Shop" Shown in the anime, on the shop's signboard.
"Yuriel" "Yulier" Her Health bar in the anime.
"Algo" "Argo" It's romanized as "Argo" in Progressive Volume 1
"Lugru" "Legrue" "Legrue" is given in the episode list of the Japanese disc.
"RCT" "RECT" Not sure how relevant: the company name is "RECT", and "RCT" is used as a logotype.
Eavesdropping skill Straining skill Furigana for the skill in the light novel is ストレイニング
Zexceed XeXeeD Word of God, via twitter
Regent Office Governor's office For SBC Glocken. Raw anime.
Player vs. Enemy Player vs. Environment The definition of "PvE". Like really, what?

I'll add more as they come up, and I'm made aware of them.

* Volume 2 has the guild name correctly spelled, however they haven't released a versionof Volume 1 that fixes the issue.

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