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Aincrad from the VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online

A VRMMO (short for Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) game is a virtual reality multiplayer video game capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played mostly on the Internet, and usually feature at least one persistent world. VRMMO games are most commonly played in the first person point of view, and are often very social as well as being serious much like other MMO games.

In order to access a virtual world, a player must use a FullDive machine. Examples of FullDive machines include the NerveGear, the AmuSphere, the Medicuboid and the Soul Translator.

Examples of VRMMO games include Sword Art OnlineALfheim OnlineGun Gale Online, Asuka Empire and LUNASCAPE.

However, not all virtual realities are considered as VRMMO games. For example, Project Alicization (Underworld) is not counted as a VRMMO game because the project, although incorporating certain game mechanics, is meant to be a simulation of life, instead of being a game.