Vacuum Blades refers to a Wind-element, spell in ALfheim Online.


The spell is a long-range, homing-type vacuum magic with which the caster shoots out five boomerang-like blades of green light.[1]


Þeír[2] slíta[3] fimm[4][5] grœnn[6] vindr.[4]


Seā surīta fimu gurōn vindo[8]

Tear them, five green winds.[9]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 18 N/A Leafa used this spell in the sky of the Ancient Forest to finish off the last Evil Glancer that tried to retreat with around twenty percent of its hit points (HP) left after all the other lizards in the area were wiped out by Kirito.
Volume 4, Chapter 8 Episode 23 N/A Recon uses this spell to attract the attention of Guardian Knights away from Leafa during the Grand Quest.


  • Recon's version of the spell is the same spell as Leafa's version, despite looking differently. The author has claimed that there is a skill that strengthens spells, accounting for the difference in appearance between the two spells.[10]


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