A Vendor's Carpet (バンダーズ・カーペット, Bandāzu Kāpetto?) is a magical item in Sword Art Online. It is the first basic item that allows aspiring craftsmen and merchants to open shops.


A Vendor's Carpet is about the size of two tatami mats.[1]


A Vendor's Carpet can be used to carry a large amount of items, foods, etc. It is an indispensable tool for merchants, because other players cannot steal from a Vendor's Carpet, as objects placed on a vendor's carpet cannot be moved by anyone but the merchant.[1]

The Vendor's Carpet also has a storage mode, allowing everything on the carpet to be rolled up into a cylinder about one and a half meters long and ten centimeters in diameter. Since it is a magic carpet, it stays the same weight regardless of the amount of materials stored within it.[1]


To use the carpet, one should operate the menu on it, and then roll it up in order to contain all items placed on the carpet into its own independent storage.[2]

The carpet only works within the Area of towns and villages. In addition, it cannot be stored in a player's inventory, so it must be carried around by hand at all times.[1]


  • During the Beta Testing period of SAO, the carpet had been used to play pranks such as placing furniture on top of the carpet to block the road. This method of abusing the item was patched shortly after it was discovered, by limiting the locations that the carpet could be placed at.[1]



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