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«Vertical Arc» (バーチカル・アーク, Bāchikaru Āku?) is a 2-hit, One-Handed Sword category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.


The first hit of «Vertical Arc» is a diagonal slash from top-left to bottom-middle. As the sword approaches the floor, the user quickly readjusts their wrist and performs another diagonal slash from bottom-middle to top-right. The combined trajectory of the two hits looks like the Latin letter "V".


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 14 Episode 02 Progressive Manga Chapter 007 Kirito used «Vertical Arc» to deal the Last Attack on Illfang the Kobold Lord.
Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 2 N/A N/A Kirito used Vertical Arc, among other skills, while battling with Windwasps to help Asuna get enough Windwasp needles for the safest odds of successfully enhancing her rapier.
Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 12 N/A N/A Kirito used «Vertical Arc» to deal damage to Nato the Colonel Taurus, before rushing off to speak with Lind.
The Day Before Part 6 N/A N/A Kirito used this skill to block the Witch of the West's attack with a ladle.
Volume 10, Chapter 4, Part 4 N/A Kirito used this skill while testing out the capabilities of his new sword.
Volume 12, Chapter 8, Part 1 Eugeo used this skill to deflect Deusolbert Synthesis Seven's flaming left fist and then slash diagonally through his breastplate before Deusolbert was able to counterattack with his right fist. Although the skill successfully hit the target, the injury was not deep enough and Deusolbert begun retreating in an attempt to gain distance to fire one of his arrows.


  • The second hit of the skill leaves the user rigid in a position that is similar to the initial motion of «Slant». With a careful minor adjustment of posture and sword angle, it is possible to activate «Slant» even before «Vertical Arc's» delay is over.
  • In the anime, the sword skill is performed differently than described in the novel. The anime version of the skill consists of a diagonal slash from top-right to bottom-left and a second diagonal slash following the same trajectory in reverse, which makes it similar to the execution of a double Slant.


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Only in SAO and ALO
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