Wasteland Crossroads (曠野の十字路, Kouya no Jūjiro?) is one of the random fields used for the Bullet of Bullets tournament's preliminary matches.


Like all preliminary match fields, the Wasteland Crossroads is a one kilometer square area.[1] The topography of the field is characterized by a staggeringly dry central plateau where two straight roads cross.[2] This field is divided into four blocks, which are separated by roads.[2] The only way to reach the other blocks is by travelling through the central crossroad.[2] As the players spawn at least 500 meters apart, it is impossible for both of them to spawn in the same block.[2]


Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

On December 13, 2025, the Wasteland Crossroads was the map chosen for Sinon's fifth battle in the preliminaries against an opponent named Stinger. As Stinger would have to go through the crossroad to get close enough to Sinon to shoot her with his FN SCAR, he delayed his charge for over twelve minutes as a way to exhaust Sinon's concentration. During the wait, Stinger found one of the HMMVWs (Humvees) located in the map. As Sinon was distracted with thoughts about Kirito, Stinger managed to trick Sinon by pushing a stone into the crossroads, prompting Sinon to fire and give away her position. Stinger then charged in with his Humvee, but as Sinon could aim more accurately with her second shot because of memorising the trajectory of her first bullet. Sinon then fired her second shot and killed Stinger within the Humvee, as he could not see the Bullet Line from inside the vehicle.



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