The Weathercock Pavilion (風見鶏亭, Kazamidori-tei?) is a two-story inn located in Mishe on the 35th Floor of Aincrad. It is known for its great-tasting cheesecake.[1]


The Weathercock Pavilion is situated next to an item shop.[1]

The first floor of the Weathercock Pavilion is a large restaurant,[1] housing several 4-seater tables[2] and a counter where lies a menu that players can order food from.[1]

The second floor contains the living quarters, with a countless number of rooms situated on either side of a wide corridor, lit by candles. Each room contains a bed, a tea table, and a chair. On the left-side wall, a lone lantern provides illumination for each room.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

The Black SwordsmanEdit

After leaving the Forest of Wandering on February 23, 2024, Silica brought Kirito to the Weathercock Pavilion, forgetting that she had brought Kirito somewhere without telling him. Kirito dismissed the thought and said his home was on the 50th Floor in Algade, and it would be too much trouble to go there at the moment.

As the two approached the entrance, Silica was confronted by Rosalia, who said that the party's item distribution was already completed, and then commented on the absence of the former's Feathered Little Dragon Pina. Silica confirmed this event, but then said she was planning to go to the 47th Floor to retrieve the «Pneuma Flower» at the Hill of Memories, which would resurrect her Tamed Monster. Rosalia asked if Silica was strong enough to clear the dungeon, to which Kirito said that she was. Rosalia made one last degrading comment, though toward Kirito, before he and Silica walked inside the Tavern.

WCP Restaurant 2

Kirito and Silica discussing «Sword Art Online».

After securing a table and ordering food, Kirito treated Silica with «Ruby Ichor», which was a drink that raised one's Dexterity stat by one. After Silica wondered why Rosalia was so mean, Kirito asked Silica whether «Sword Art Online» was her first game. Silica confirmed this, and Kirito explained that there were many people who would change their personality while playing their game character. He went on to speak of the impossibility of the cooperation among the players because of such conflicting personalities; too many players enjoyed the suffering of other players. He denounced these players as garbage, but reprimanded himself because he hardly helped others and then made a mention that he had caused the death of his own companions once. Silica consoled Kirito by grasping Kirito's hands and said that he was actually a good person, but this act caused Silica to heat up out of embarrassment.

After dinner and cheesecake, the two retired to their rooms, which were coincidentally next to each other. Silica decided to practice with the new Ebon Dagger she had received from Kirito before changing to go to sleep, and managed to perform a five-hit combo before retiring. However, she decided to change into ordinary clothes again and speak to Kirito.

She asked to speak to Kirito about the 47th Floor, to which Kirito brought out a Mirage Sphere to show her the whereabouts of the Hill of Memories. However, their conversation was cut short due to a player listening in on them. As the player fled, Kirito went to send a message, reminding Silica of her father. Shortly thereafter, she fell asleep on Kirito's bed.

When Silica was awoken by her alarm the next morning, she realized that she had taken Kirito's bed and promptly became filled with embarrassment and regret. But after a few seconds of calming herself down, she finally woke Kirito up. Kirito apologized for not waking Silica up so she could return to her room, but Silica said it was her fault for taking his bed in the first place. They greeted each other good morning, and they prepared to leave for the Hill of Memories.




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