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«Wind Fleuret» (ウインドフルーレ, Uindo Furūre?) is a rapier that was Asuna’s primary weapon in Sword Art Online, on the lower floors of Aincrad. It was a monster drop[1], obtained after following Kirito's battle advice, and replaced her store-bought «Iron Rapier».[2] Up to six enhancements can be attempted on the «Wind Fleuret».[3]


The Wind Fleuret is described as a thin sword with a green guard.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Aria of a Starless NightEdit

After Kirito met Asuna hunting in the 19th floor of the 1st Floor Labyrinth and commented on her overkill, Asuna changed her hunting style and was thus able to hunt monsters more efficiently. Following this code, Asuna's hunting was made subjectively easier and the «Wind Fleuret» dropped for her. As suggested by Kirito the night before the battle against Illfang the Kobold Lord, she upgraded the rapier four times: three in Accuracy and one in Durability.[4]

During the battle with Illfang, after Kirito knocked up the Ruin Kobold Sentinels' poleaxes, Asuna «switched» with Kirito and used «Linear» at the Sentinels' throats. After the post-motion delay wore off, she then jabbed at the Sentinels' throat with a normal strike to finish it off.

After Diavel's death, Asuna became Illfang's damage-dealer while Kirito knocked away the boss's attacks. After Agil and the rest of the raid party entered the fray, Asuna dealt the second-to-last attack, right after Kirito killed the boss with «Vertical Arc».

Rondo of a Fragile BladeEdit

On the 2nd Floor, Asuna farmed monsters to enhance her sword once again. After Kirito's discussion of boosting the success percentage for upgrade, Asuna hired Kirito to hunt «Windwasps» with her in the form of a contest of who could kill 50 wasps first. Due to her sword's high Accuracy parameter, Asuna was able to win the competition.

Kirito and Asuna, with a 95% upgrade success, finally approached Nezha. The player blacksmith took the weapon and started the upgrade process. However, as Nezha was about to make the final strike, the «Wind Fleuret» vanished, as if destroyed. Nezha heavily apologized, but Asuna refused to take compensation. She and Kirito then left for the inn.

At the inn, Asuna admitted that she was heartbroken at the loss of her weapon. Kirito told her not to worry, because it would have been replaced on the 3rd or so Floor. However, Asuna had considered the weapon "as her child" and that she would fight with it to the very end. Kirito then told her of a method to take a sword's, or any tool's, soul along—taking the sword's components and using it. Asuna then lamented that there was no way to salvage materials from an already broken sword.

Later, after Kirito overheard Nezha's and his friends' conversation of «Strengthening Scamming», Kirito rushed into Asuna's room and had her materialize her entire inventory. At the very bottom of the pile, Kirito unearthed Asuna's beloved «Wind Fleuret». After Asuna calmed down, Kirito explained as much as he understood of how the scam worked.

Concerto of Black and White Edit

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