A Windwasp (ウインドワスプ, Uindo Wasupu?) is a flying-type monster in Sword Art Online. Windwasps have mediocre Hit Points and attack stats. Despite being troublesome, they give a reasonably high amount of experience points, making it a good monster for hunting.


Windwasps are earthen black bee monsters with green stripes and ice pick-sized stingers. They are approximately fifty centimeters in length, a size that would make them the largest known insect if they had existed in reality. Despite their size, they are considered to be the smallest monsters in Aincrad.

Attack PatternsEdit

The Windwasp has several types of attacks and when it begins diving towards its target, it assumes one of its possible body positions. If the body straightens as it opens its mandibles, it would initiate a «bite» attack, while if it bends in a < shape, it would be preparing for a stinger's attack, after which it would have a five second delay.


Although Windwasps have no paralysis or corrosive acid ability, they are considered troublesome for their ambush ability and their stings that can cause the stun effect for two to three seconds.


  • Windwasps have an 8% chance of dropping a Needle of Windwasp, which is needed for weapon enhancement.
  • A Windwasp's weak point is the base of its stomach.

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