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The «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures» (西の魔女と三つの宝, Nishi no Majo to Mittsu no Takara?) is a quest, created by the Cardinal System's «Automatic Quest Generation Function», that is available on the 22nd Floor of Aincrad.


Scarecrow, Tin and Lion were on their journey to become humans, but, along the way, the Witch of the West kidnapped their companion, a girl named Dorothy. The three wanted to save Dorothy, but the witch stole what was in Scarecrow's head, the gem that was a substitute for Tin's heart and the golden mane that fueled Lion's courage, thus they were unable to battle. Instead, they decided to enlist the help of a swordsman and cast a tornado spell on Toto, the dog that Dorothy kept, and sent it beyond the wall to find a swordsman to help them.

Quest DetailsEdit

The quest begins when the player encounters Toto in a forest on the 22nd Floor and brings it inside the Log House. At that point, the house becomes engulfed by a tornado and is transported to a special quest area, sealed off by a steep cliff and unreachable by foot, in the north-western area of the floor. In this area, the players are greeted by three characters: Scarecrow, Tin and Lion, with the Scarecrow explaining the background of the quest.

Afterwards, the players are given three sub quests to collect Scarecrow's brain, Tin's heart and Lion's mane from different parts of the quest area, the location of each item being designated with a gold exclamation mark (!). However, the retrieval of all three items is actually an optional task that would make the following part of the quest easier. Even though the location of the final objective, the witch's castle, is designated with a grey exclamation mark (!), indicating that the flag for the objective had not been triggered yet, the players may proceed to the final objective and complete it nonetheless.

After the players reach the witch's castle, the gates to the castle open automatically, even if the sub-quests are not completed. The moment the players step beyond the gate, four werepanthers spawn and attack the players, one of the panthers holding a key that can be used to open a small door at a corner of castle. After navigating the castle, the players find the boss room and, after entering, the players are asked by the witch whether they would like to join her for soup. If the player rejects the offer, the witch spills the contents of her pot towards the players, creating a venomous-looking, purple mist, which causes a forced paralysis event that could only be undone with the roar of a lion. Once Lion musters the courage and roars, the players are freed from the paralysis and can attack the witch. As soon as the witch's HP reaches a critical level, she attempts to retreat to her pot, if Toto is brought along, the dog pushes her into the boiling pot, thus killing her.

Afterwards, the players can leave the quest area by returning to the log house that brings them back to its original location, while Dorothy and her friends set out to find the Emerald City.

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  • The quest is based on The Wizard of Oz.
  • If the player enters the Log House after starting the quest, but does not allow Toto inside, the log cabin house is still engulfed by a tornado but becomes stuck in mid-air due to the lack of a necessary character to continue the quest. As the house is then designated as a quest area, the player cannot use a Teleport Crystal to escape and must wait for someone to either reset the quest or join it while it is in progress to be able to continue with the quest and leave the quest area.


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