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«Yggdrasil City» (イグドラシル・シティ, Igudorashiru Shiti?) is the new capital city of Alfheim[1] that was established at the middle part of the World Tree[citation needed] after ALfheim Online was acquired by Ymir.[2] After its establishment, half of Alne's population migrated to this city.[3]

The city is connected to Alne via an elevator.[4] The city is also connected to the Teleport Gate in the Town of Beginnings on the 1st Floor of New Aincrad.[5]


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

On May 16, 2025, after the reunion at Dicey Cafe, the participants of the «Aincrad Capture Commemorative Party» agreed to gather at Yggdrasil City at 23:00 for the afterparty. Kirito and Leafa did not manage to reach the city on time, so they stopped midway to witness the Floating Castle Aincrad descending from the sky atop the world of Alfheim at 00:00 on May 17.

Notable locationsEdit

  • Lisbeth's Arms Shop.
  • Kirito and Asuna's temporarily rented home (until December 24, 2025).
  • Agil's new general store.


  • The name of the city, like most of the settings for the world and lore of ALfheim Online, came from Norse Mythology. Yggdrasil refers to the World Tree, which connected the nine worlds of Norse Cosmology.



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