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Warning.png Spoiler Alert: This article or section contains details about plotlines not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

«Ymir» (ユーミル, Yūmiru?) is the company that acquired ALfheim Online after the game was suspended, due to the inhumane experiments carried out by a small team from RECT Progress Inc., led by Sugou Nobuyuki.


After Sugou's inhumane experiments on 300 captured SAO survivors in the administrator-locked area atop the World Tree in ALfheim Online were made publicly known, RECT and the whole VRMMO industry suffered a huge blow. RECT Progress was disbanded due to said experiments and even the main RECT office suffered heavy losses, while ALO had to be suspended.[1]

At this time, former ALO players who had many people from venture companies, funded a new company, Ymir, which bought all ALO data, from RECT for a very small fee and re-established the world of ALfheim, improving it with several major changes.[1] Due to the bought ALO data including copied data from the old Sword Art Online server, New Aincrad (with several changes from the original Aincrad in SAO)[1] and Sword Skills[2] were introduced into ALfheim Online and surviving SAO players were able to inherit their avatar data from SAO.[1] The company also established Yggdrasil City in the place of the alleged Floating City[1] and introduced a new type of Sword Skills, Original Sword Skills.[2] All former ALO players were able to inherit their avatar data from the old ALO and only less than ten percent of the players left due to the RECT incident.[1]

Possible employees[]

  • Marinca (appeared in the non-canon ending of Calibur)


  • The name «Ymir» is likely a reference to Norse Mythology. Ymir was the ancestor of the giants of Jötunheim and the primeval being, whose body was used by the gods Odin, Vili and Vé to fashion the Earth.