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Yuuki Asuna (結城 明日奈, Yūki Asuna?), known as Asuna (アスナ, Asuna?) in «Sword Art Online» (SAO), «ALfheim Online» (ALO), as well as «Project Alicization», where she had temporarily used the Stacia (ステイシア, Suteishia?) account, is the main heroine of the Sword Art Online series[7], the deuteragonist of the Aincrad Arc, as well as the protagonist of the Mother's Rosario side story. She is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT Inc.. Asuna was one of the 10,000 players trapped in «Sword Art Online», where she was the sub-leader of the «Knights of the Blood» (KoB) guild.[3] Her skills with the rapier had her earned her the nickname «The Flash» (閃光, Senkō?).[3]

After Sword Art Online was cleared, Asuna transferred her SAO avatar to ALfheim Online and began playing the game as an Undine. Due to her tendency to charge into battle with a rapier despite being a healer, she has earned the nickname «Berserk Healer» (バーサクヒーラー, Bāsaku Hīrā?).[4] Asuna has also created an alternative avatar, the Sylph «Erika» (エリカ, Erika?), as she sometimes wanted to change her appearance.[8]


Real World / Sword Art Online / Project Alicization

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Asuna has long, orange-brownish chestnut hair (strawberry blond in the anime) and hazel eyes.[3] In the early levels of SAO, she wore a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees along with a hooded cape.[9] After joining the «Knights of the Blood», she wore a red and white uniform that all KoB members wear[3] and wielded a rapier made by Lisbeth, called the «Lambent Light».[10]. After the Ordinal Scale Incident, Asuna started wearing the promise ring given to her by Kazuto on her left ring finger.[11]

Asuna Stacia UW Full Body

Asuna as Stacia, the Goddess of Creation, in Underworld.

Asuna's avatar as Stacia, the Goddess of Creation, maintains her chestnut hair and light brown eyes.[12] She wears a pearly-white breastplate and a long skirt consisting of countless fine fabrics.[13]

ALfheim Online

Asuna's Titania Avatar Full Body

Asuna's original avatar in ALO as the Fairy Queen.

Asuna's original avatar in ALfheim Online was the Fairy Queen, Titania. She wore a white outfit[14] with a long white skirt, a crop top showing her belly, and a red ribbon that went around the topmost part of her top that came together to make a bow.[15] She went barefoot, and wore a white strip around her ankles.[16]

Asuna's Undine Avatar Full Body

Asuna's ALO Avatar.

Asuna's Undine avatar has light blue hair with an appearance that otherwise hardly differs from her SAO avatar.[17]

Asuna's Sylph avatar, «Erika», is specialized in close combat and had most of her ability points devoted to dagger skills,[8] so she was more suited for duels than Asuna's main avatar, which was a half healer.


Asuna originally did not care about dying in the game before meeting Kirito. That meeting drastically changed Asuna's personality and outlook on life. She soon takes most things Kirito says to heart and looks to him for help, using him as somewhat of a lifeline.

Asuna is a kind and helpful young woman who, similarly to Kirito, cannot abandon another in trouble. She takes the game very seriously and is determined to clear it before Kirito tells her to enjoy SAO a bit. Asuna is also somewhat proud and despite her kind personality, she will not hesitate to get physical with those that challenge her authority or make fun of her abilities, such as cooking. She even challenged Kirito to a duel after an argument over how to handle a Field Boss. She is not afraid to act out on her own and will take matters into her own hands from time to time.

Asuna, in a similar manner to Kirito, is someone who can be controlled and manipulated by her emotions. This is evident during Kirito's final duel with Heathcliff on the 75th Floor, when she resisted her paralysis, jumped in front of Kirito, and took an attack that would have otherwise killed him. She also cannot handle seeing others die in front of her, such as when she recklessly attacked The Gleam Eyes after seeing the Aincrad Liberation Force players getting slaughtered.

In ALO, after being saved by Kirito, Asuna's personality had not changed a bit except that she was not as proud as she was in SAO. Her personality began to develop further still after meeting Yuuki in the events of Mother's Rosario. Seeing how Yuuki still moves forward, despite knowing her death is inevitable, Asuna takes after her and resolves to keep moving forward, no matter what happens.


Asuna's cameo appearance

Asuna's first appearance during the tutorial.

Asuna lived a comfortable life in her large home in Setagaya with her mother, father, and her brother.[18] She originally went to private,[19] all-girl[20] schools before the events of SAO.

On November 6, 2022, Asuna logged onto SAO after she borrowed her brother's NerveGear.[21] He had acquired a copy of the game and a NerveGear through his connections but could not play the game on the opening day due to a sudden business trip.[19] When she discovered that she and all of the players were trapped in SAO, she secluded herself inside of her rented room in the «Town of Beginnings» for two weeks before resolving to take her fate into her own hands. This led her to kill monsters at an incredible rate and level up in a quick fashion, even risking her life in the process.[21]


Aincrad Arc

Aria of a Starless Night

By December 2, 2022, Asuna had spent three to four days battling in the 1st Floor's Labyrinth, having taken five Iron Rapiers with her and planning to return as soon as her last one was at half durability. Around 04:00, after dispatching a Ruin Kobold Trooper on the dungeon's nineteenth level with Linear, she leaned against the wall and sank to the floor, when she was approached by a male player, who critiqued her use of Sword Skills on nearly dead enemies as wasted effort. Just as Asuna finished declaring her belief that death was inevitable either way, she collapsed from exhaustion.

When Asuna awoke seven hours later, she found herself outside the Labyrinth, having been moved to safety by the boy. Before she could leave, she was informed of the First Floor Boss Raid Strategy Meeting taking place in «Tolbana» that afternoon and decided to visit the meeting with the boy. Upon reaching town, the two parted ways briefly.


Asuna and Kirito eating bread.

The two eventually met up again while Asuna was buying bread. Kirito decided to share cream with her, which he had obtained from a quest and gave the bread a surprisingly good taste. Asuna thanked him for the bread, but explained she was not there to eat food. She explained her reason for coming, and Kirito apologized. At this point, Asuna mentioned it was time for the meeting, and the two went to it. The meeting was to organize a large raid to explore the Labyrinth and find the entrance to the boss room. The next day on December 3, the Boss Room was found, which prompted another meeting. After discussing the information they knew, they were informed that Argo's self-published guide had information regarding the boss from the beta period. They planned to attack the boss the next day, and Asuna and Kirito decided to party up as they were the only ones without a party already. During the planning, their party was decided to be a support group for attacking the smaller mobs in the room. Though Asuna disagreed with this, Kirito explained that it made sense, as they were only two people.

After the meeting, Asuna and Kirito were to have a conversation regarding something he had said during the meeting, but Asuna did not want to have it in public. While considering other possibilities, Kirito mentioned that he had a floor in a farmer's house, with a view and a bath, the latter of which caught Asuna's attention. She requested the location of other such rooms, but Kirito revealed he had rented the entire space and he could not cancel the transaction. As all the other rooms in the village were likely taken and trying to find another in the previous village after sunset was dangerous and would render her tardy for the boss meeting, Asuna quietly asked him to let her use his bath.

When they reached the farmhouse, Asuna was shown to Kirito's lodgings on the second floor and offered the bathroom, though she was told that the NerveGear could not adequately recreate a liquid environment. Asuna simply and sincerely stated the hot bathwater would be enough for her and entered the bathroom, but was somewhat dismayed at the door's lack of a lock. Reassuring herself that the swordsman was not the type to intrude and he could not harm her within the Area even if he did, Asuna breathlessly examined the exquisite details of the bath, which would be more appropriately located in a medieval European manor. Removing all of her equipment, Asuna quickly reached the bathtub and held her head under the shower from the bath sprout for a moment before allowing herself to fall back and splash into the water. Feeling completely relaxed with no regrets, she began wondering when she had developed such a strong appetite and urge to bathe, and how the details of the virtual world, flawed as they were, appealed to her more than that of the real world. However, Argo, who had met with Kirito to discuss the offer on his Anneal Blade, decided to enter the bathroom to change her clothes. Noticing the sudden intrusion, Asuna screamed and delivered a blow that knocked him unconscious.

The next day on December 4, the two joined the raid group and headed for the boss room. After reaching the room, the players went into the formation planned in the meeting, and everything seemed to go well until the boss's health dropped below a quarter. At this point, the boss pulled out its secondary weapon which, unexpectedly, was a katana, and not what was originally predicted. This resulted in the boss using Sword Skills that everyone was unfamiliar with and the death of Diavel. In his last words, he called for Kirito to defeat the boss in his absence. Along with Agil, Asuna assisted Kirito in finally defeating the boss.

Kirito alone climbed the stairs to the 2nd Floor and, after reaching the top, Asuna came up behind him to speak with him briefly. She asked him how he knew her name, and he proceeded to explain that, when in a party, a hit point bar is displayed in the top left corner of the player's vision and under it are the health bars of the player's party members, along with their names. He advised her to join a guild if someone she trusts invited her, before he headed to the nearest town to activate the Teleport Gate there.

Rondo of a Fragile Blade

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On December 8, 2022, four days after the first boss was defeated, Asuna later encountered Kirito, watching a scene of a player arguing with SAO's first known blacksmith, Nezha, because he failed a weapon enhancement four times in a row. After the commotion was cleared, Kirito and Asuna talked and Kirito decided to help her gather more materials for enhancing her Wind Fleuret.

On the field she made a bet with Kirito that she could kill 50 wasps faster than he could and, in the end, won the bet. Kirito, consequently, had to pay for their dinner, and Asuna choose a restaurant, recommended by Argo, which had a very tasty, but expensive dessert. After eating, they found out that they got a luck buff for eating the dessert. Afterwards, Kirito took her to the blacksmith from earlier in order to try for another upgrade on Asuna's Wind Fleuret. Despite there being a 97% success rate, the blacksmith failed and her Wind Fleuret seemingly shattered due to a new, previously unheard-of penalty, which the blacksmith then told them about.

With tears in her eyes, she resumed walking with Kirito. They sat on a bench and later checked into an inn. Minutes later, Kirito abruptly entered Asuna's room and made her materialize all her items. Under the big pile of materialized equipment, Asuna's Wind Fleuret was somehow found. She asked Kirito to explain how he got her beloved weapon back and he explained to her about the dropping weapon system and the scam that the blacksmith was pulling.

Concerto of Black and White

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As Asuna and Kirito ascended the stairs to the 3rd Floor on December 14, 2022, Asuna was informed by the latter that the appearance of human enemies from the 3rd Floor onward marked the true beginning of Sword Art Online. Wondering if Kayaba Akihiko had been planning his crime from the very beginning, Asuna pondered on the referral of Sword Skill clashing against Sword Skill as a concerto of life and death. She remarked the basic definition of a concerto did not match the design behind many of the battles in SAO, though she added that she could be overthinking the matter. Seeing that her partner was walking backwards right towards the doors at the top of the stairs, she tried to warn him about it, but he collided with them and tumbled through the doorway before she could do so.

After Asuna marvelled at the surroundings for several moments, she was given the choice to either join Kirito for a task, or disband the party. Sensing that the errand would best handled before restocking on supplies at the main town of Zumfut, she bluntly chose the former option. While they traveled the road to the next town, she listened to Kirito's description of their current location and its residents and interjected to warn him of a monster approaching behind them. After the monster was dispatched, Asuna was asked to listen for the clashing of blades, until both of them heard it southwest of their position.

Following the clanging of metal on metal for less than five minutes, Asuna and Kirito soon found a clearing wherein two Non-Player Characters (NPCs), a light-colored man and a dark-colored woman, were locked in combat with each other. While Asuna was stunned at the realism of the NPCs, she was informed by Kirito that they were a Forest Elf and a Dark Elf, respectively, as well as quest givers for a campaign quest that lasted until the 9th Floor. She was also warned that they could only choose one of the sides, with no option of restarting the campaign or switching sides.

Asuna decided to follow the same route Kirito had taken in the beta and suspected he had chosen the Dark Elf. Just as she was about to join the Dark Elf, she was stopped by Kirito, who warned her of the impossibility of beating the Forest Elf, as both NPCs were elite monsters. However, she was reassured that the moment their hit points dropped below the halfway point, the Dark Elf would aid them with a special attack to win the fight, thus they only had to concentrate on defense.

When the pair stepped into the clearing, both elves ordered the humans to leave, but Asuna and Kirito ignored them and pointed their blades at the Forest Elf. As the elf directed his aggression towards them, the fencer acknowledged her partner's reminder to focus on defense, but nevertheless regarded her opponent with a determined look. Twenty minutes later, while the stunned Forest Elf collapsed in defeat, Asuna remarked on the relative easiness of the battle, with both her and Kirito's hit points being just above half.

Once the Dark Elf secured a bag that the Forest Elf had dropped on his death, the two were invited to the Dark Elf Base, where they would be remunerated by the Dark Elf Commander for their aid. After fifteen minutes of hiking and fighting monsters along the way, the trio arrived at the base around 17:00, where Asuna and Kirito started the next quest in the campaign upon claiming their rewards. Following formal introductions with the Dark Elf knight, named Kizmel, the two accepted her offer to make use of her tent. After taking a bath and eating dinner, Asuna and Kirito joined Kizmel in her tent at 19:00 for sleep.

Awaking early the next morning on December 15 after eight hours of sleep, the girl left the camp with her companions for the second part of the campaign. During their search for the Queen Spider's Nest within the forest, the group encountered two Thicket Spiders. After dispatching the monsters, the trio chose to go in the direction from which the spiders had appeared to find the spider nest. Following four more battles with the spiders, Asuna, Kirito, and Kizmel located the cave that served as their nest.

However, as they were about to finish investigating the cave's first floor for their quest, the group noticed that Kibaou, a player in a chain coif, and four other members of the Aincrad Liberation Squad had entered the cave as part of the guild creation quest, prompting the trio to hide until the players reached the stairs to the second floor. However, moments after the party located a Dark Elf scout brooch required for their quest, they overheard Kibaou's party retreating from Nephila Regina, the queen spider boss of the nest. Asuna's group decided to assist the fleeing party by discreetly defeating the boss, acquiring the queen spider's poison fang in the process.

Once Asuna and Kirito delivered both the scout's emblem and the queen spider's fang to the Dark Elf Commander to complete their quest by dawn, they had a new rapier forged for the fencer before electing to return to the main town. Along the way, the duo witnessed Lind, a swordsman in a chain coif, and three other members of the Dragon Knights Brigade siding with the Forest Elf questgiver for the Jade Key quest against a different Dark Elf. Having reached the town at around 10:00, Asuna and Kirito spent some time resting and leveling up prior to attending the Clearers' strategy meeting for the 3rd Floor seven hours later. Afterwards, due to disagreeing with the ALS's and DKB's methods, the girl decided they should stay at the Dark Elf Base for the remainder of their time on the Floor.

Over the next three days, Asuna and Kirito remained at the Dark Elf Base while strengthening themselves and completing the Elf War campaign, pausing only to participate in the battle against the Field Boss The Indolent Treent on December 18. Having returned to the camp later that afternoon, they resumed working on several more quests with Kizmel's assistance for four hours before retiring for the night.

Barcarolle of Froth

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At 13:32 on December 21, 2022, Asuna accompanied Kirito on the stairs to the door to the 4th Floor. Upon learning that the carved relief on the doors had been altered from the beta, she sensed the change in pictures corresponded with a change in the floor's design, a conjecture that was proven to be correct when they discovered a fiercely rushing mountain stream beyond the door. Having sent a message to Argo, notifying the information broker about the defeat of Nerius the Evil Treant, Asuna approached the river in front of them, where she realized that the only method of navigating the 4th Floor's now water-filled canyons was to swim through them. Before Asuna could take any action to address the issue, the girl's attention was drawn to a tree with donut-shaped fruit behind the staircase by Kirito. Realising that the fruit could be inflated into inner tubes, Asuna reluctantly agreed to Kirito's suggestion to remove her heavy equipment, before the duo swam further into the river, allowing the current to carry them downstream.

After reaching land and reequipping their gear, the pair arrived at the northern gate of the main city of Rovia just before 14:00, where they chartered an NPC-owned gondola to the Teleport Gate plaza. Once they activated the Teleport Gate around twelve minutes later, Asuna and Kirito retired to a small inn at the edge of the plaza. Awaking several hours later at 18:00, the girl joined the boy for an early dinner at the food carts in the square, where they were approached by Argo with a map of all the quest NPCs in Rovia under Kirito's request. After paying the info broker for her services, the two traveled to the northwestern quadrant of the city, believing that a quest that had not been present in the beta test there would hold crucial significance in conquering the 4th Floor. Having found the NPC quest giver Romolo in a large old building there, Asuna unexpectedly helped Kirito deduce that Romolo was a shipwright when she happened to notice a half-rusted, long, square nail on the floor inside, which allowed them to initiate the Shipwright of Yore quest.

For the first part of the quest, Asuna and Kirito journeyed to the forest southeast of Rovia to gather bear fat. Due to the girl's insistence on collecting only the highest quality versions of the quest materials, the pair trekked through the woods for three hours in search of the bear king rumored to live in the area. Immediately after they found claw markings that demarcated the bear king's territory, Asuna and Kirito were assaulted by the monster. While evading the bear's attacks, the duo discovered that they could collect Noblewood Cores by manipulating the monster into ramming trees. Deducing that the wood would be required for the next part of the quest, they continued guiding the bear into ramming trees until they filled their free storage capacity with wood. At that point, the two switched to active close combat and eventually defeated the monster, whereupon they returned to Rovia.

Having arrived at Romolo's home at 23:50, Asuna and Kirito delivered the bear fat and the other crafting ingredients to the NPC and configured the design of their gondola, which they decided to name The Tilnel after Kizmel's sister. Once the gondola was completed at 04:30, Asuna joined the boy for a ride through Rovia's waterways, where they encountered several surprisingly abrasive NPC gondoliers. This antagonism was followed by an update of their quest log, prompting them to return to the old shipwright, who directed them to stealthily follow a large ship carrying wooden boxes when it departed Rovia around evening. Exhausted from their activities, the pair agreed to rest and inform Argo of their progress on the Shipwright of Yore quest before proceeding any further.

After resupplying and eating lunch about ten hours later, Asuna and Kirito circumnavigated Rovia's southeastern quarter in search of the gondola from Romolo's description. Once they identified the boat around 16:30, the two stealthily followed it out of the city into a submerged dungeon, where they saw the crew handing the boxes to Fallen Elves. Though exhausted from attempting to relocate the ship when they had lost track of it earlier while navigating the dungeon, Asuna and Kirito decided to continue the quest by investigating the boxes. Having managed to evade the guards while sneaking through the Fallen Elves' hideout, they discovered where the crates had been stored but to their surprise found them empty. At that moment, the duo were forced to hide in one of the boxes when the Fallen Elven General N'ltzahh and several of his subordinates marched close to their position, where they overheard a discussion about the Fallen Elves needing materials for an unknown plan that would begin in five days hence. Sensing her partner had gleaned something from the conversation after the NPCs had left the area, the girl decided they should leave the dungeon before he could explain his deduction. When they returned to Rovia by 03:30, however, she collapsed into an exhausted sleep before the boy could share his knowledge with her.

Having rested from their night adventure, Asuna and Kirito relayed the Shipwright of Yore quest details to Argo, who published the information not connected to the Fallen Elves in her strategy guide that afternoon. While the Clearing guilds used the guide to construct enough gondolas of their own, the pair finished quests and scouted the attack patterns of Biceps Archelon, the Field Boss guarding the caldera that granted access to the southern half of the 4th Floor. As soon as the raid party was ready, they began their battle against Biceps Archelon at 15:00 the next day on December 24. Once the Field Boss was vanquished, the fencer and her partner exited the caldera for the nearby village of Usco to celebrate their victory, being joined by Argo along the way.

While the trio briefly rested in Usco, the girls learned the ALS and DKB had purposely neglected to invite Kirito to a Christmas party in Rovia at 17:00. Though Asuna had received an invitation to the party during the field boss strategy meeting earlier, she explained to the boy she was disinterested in celebrating the holiday in such an ostentatious manner. Shortly after Argo left to gather information on the village, however, it began snowing, reminding the girl how she had wished to see such an event on Christmas back on the 2nd Floor. Although she insisted they did not need to hold their own private Christmas party when they obviously had not prepared for it, she agreed to let her partner take her to a special place to compensate for not planning for the holiday.

Once the two finished resupplying, Asuna allowed Kirito to steer The Tilnel further downriver, arriving an hour later at the Dark Elven stronghold of Yofel Castle. Having gained entry to the fortress, the girl followed her partner to the central courtyard, where they joyously reunited with Kizmel.

Scherzo of Deep Night

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Following the defeat of Wythege the Hippocampus, Asuna and Kirito arrived at Karluin, where they activated the town portal and spent the night at an inn. The next day on December 28, after restocking their items, the duo devoted most of the day to completing quests. As twilight approached, Asuna remembered how serious Kirito had looked while recounting the player killing (PK) on the 5th Floor in the beta test, and thus she decided to request him to teach her the basics of player versus player (PvP) combat. However, the duel had to be cancelled just as it started as Asuna was unable to force herself to face Kirito in combat.

Having returned to Karluin after 19:00 that evening, Asuna followed Kirito through the southern part of the town to the BLINK & BRINK inn, where she was introduced to the limited-supply Blue-Blueberry Tart dish. When they finished their dinner, the girl learnt that the dessert granted a buff that highlighted relics scattered throughout the city. Upon learning that the relic-hunting bonus only lasted for an hour, while the relics themselves would likely never respawn once acquired by someone, Asuna persuaded the boy to embark on a relic hunt before the buff effect expired.

After spending the next hour relic hunting, Asuna and Kirito teleported to Rovia at around 21:30, where they borrowed a gondola from Agil to travel to Yofel Castle in order to claim their rewards from Viscount Yofilis. Having spent the night in the castle, the pair returned to Karluin at 08:20 the next morning on December 29 to continue completing quests. Upon finishing all the available quests in town by evening, the two decided to have dinner, during which they realized that Argo had, strangely, yet to release her guidebook for the 5th Floor. Worried, they attempted to contact her with a friend message to no avail, which indicated that the info broker was likely in a dungeon.

Upon learning from Kirito that there was a dungeon in the catacombs beneath Karluin with a shortcut to the next town, however, Asuna dismissed Argo's prolonged stay in the dungeon as her simply being thorough in investigating it. The duo thus finished their meal, whereupon they decided to rent rooms on the second floor of the BLINK & BRINK for the night. On her way to the inn's communal bath past 21:00, Asuna noticed the boy surreptitiously leaving his own room, fully outfitted in his combat gear. Concluding that her partner was planning to search for Argo, she elected to follow him.

Unable to reach or message Kirito before he entered the second level of the catacombs, Asuna decided to search each room on the floor for him. During her exploration, she was startled by an astral monster into accidentally triggering a trapdoor through which she fell to the third level. In order to brace herself for the impact, the fencer released her grip on her Chivalric Rapier, which was stolen by a Sly Shrewman that managed to escape before she could retrieve it. Terrified at the thought of being stranded alone in a dungeon without her best weapon, she spent the next fifteen minutes luring and dispatching every Sly Shrewman within range in hopes that one of them had her rapier. However, all of the shrewmen the girl hunted in that time only dropped regular items, the last of whom included a wad of paper. To Asuna's surprise, written on the paper were coordinates for a rendezvous on the third level of the catacombs at 22:00 that night. Intrigued by why a player would compose a handwritten memo when it would have been more convenient to use an instant message, she quickly proceeded to the location of the meeting, where she hid herself in a hollow.

Several minutes after Asuna concealed herself, two cloaked players arrived at the rendezvous point, one of whom carried a sword. From eavesdropping on them, she learned the swordsman's conspirator had persuaded one of the main Clearer guilds into defeating the Floor Boss on New Year's Eve while the other guild was occupied. While wondering why the accomplice would reveal his guild's internal activities to an outsider, the girl remembered the conversation she had with Kirito following her failed duel attempt against him the day before. Recalling the man in the black poncho who had manipulated the Legend Braves into committing their weapons enhancement scam, as well as Morte, the swordsman that had surreptitiously attempted to legally kill her partner in a duel on the 3rd Floor, she realized the two players were members of a PK group working to sow discord among the Clearers and set them against each other.

Overwhelmed by these thoughts, Asuna unconsciously shifted her balance and accidentally kicked a pebble, alerting the cloaked men. Hoping to remain undiscovered, the girl dropped the paper wad to lure a Sly Shrewman into the room where the meeting was being held, successfully misleading the two players. To her horror, the shrewman she had attracted was the same one that had looted her Chivalric Rapier, which was now in the swordsman's possession upon the monster's death. Unwilling to risk her beloved weapon being used to kill another person, the fencer was about to reveal herself to the would-be player killers when she was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Kirito, who identified the swordsman as Morte and questioned how they had acquired the rapier.

Sensing the growing tension between Kirito and Morte, Asuna decided she had to recover her Chivalric Rapier before the situation could escalate into violence. Having detected a Sly Shrewman spawning nearby as well as Morte's associate reaching for his weapon, the girl dropped the paper wad again to lure the monster while simultaneously screaming to startle the dagger user into dropping the rapier. Then, once the monster had seized it, the fencer dispatched the rodent and switched out her equipped Iron Rapier with the newly dropped Chivalric Rapier, thus restoring her ownership rights to her beloved weapon. However, her shriek had also attracted the attention of a large group of monsters, prompting Kirito to grab her and conceal both of them with his Hiding skill while the cloaked players were forced to retreat. After the monsters had moved past their position, she finally broke down from the terror of her ordeal, to which she was gently comforted by the boy.

Once Asuna had recomposed herself, she joined Kirito in the resumption of his search for Argo. Less than an hour later, they found the information broker investigating the area boss guarding the shortcut tunnel that led to the next town of Mananarena. Thanks to Argo solving a puzzle that weakened the resilient boss, the duo were able to defeat it alongside the other Clearers on December 30. Afterward, they spent some time working on the Elf War campaign, quickly finishing its chapter on the 5th Floor before the next morning. During this time, Asuna and Kirito invited Argo to join them in the Dark Elven village of Shiyaya as thanks for the information broker's assistance in beating the catacombs boss and to discuss what the fencer had overheard from Morte and his partner.

While Asuna and Argo relaxed in Shiyaya's bath in the late morning of December 31, the former expressed concern over the latter exposing herself to danger in the course of gathering information for the Clearers, on account of how her services were essential to progressing through the game. This led to the fencer being challenged to a mock swordfight wherein Argo demonstrated she was capable of dodging most attacks. Relieved to find the other girl could handle herself in combat, Asuna felt reassured enough to confess her apprehension toward PvP combat, an issue that had growing due to her experiences over the past few days. Consequently, she learned Argo was willing to risk her life because she valued her information services more than simple survival, just as Kirito refrained from returning to being a solo player because he wanted to protect his partner.

Canon of the Golden Rule

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At 03:00 on January 1, 2023, Asuna and Kirito teleported to Stachion. After the pair reserved their rooms at an inn, the girl learnt from her partner that he had been ambushed by a man in a black poncho in Karluin only a few hours earlier. Thus, she agreed to resume practicing player versus player combat in the morning before they proceeded any further with clearing the 6th Floor.

After breakfast the next day, Asuna and Kirito journeyed to the Dark Elf Base on the 3rd Floor to upgrade their weapons and armor, as well as privately practice dueling. After an hour of training, the two returned to Stachion at 12:30 to meet with Lind, Hafner, and Shivata to inform the Dragon Knights Brigade on the Flag of Valor, which resulted in the two parties coming to an agreement that Kirito would continue maintaining custody of the item. After the meeting, Asuna and Kirito began working on quests in-town, including the Curse of Stachion quest series. As part of the questline, the duo traveled to Suribus by nightfall to investigate a house owned by Pithagrus, the previous lord of Stachion.

Having acquired a key needed for the quest from the haunted building after 21:00, Asuna and Kirito were about to leave the house when they were ambushed by Cylon, an apprentice of Pithagrus who had hired them to investigate his former master. Immobilized with a paralyzing gas, the pair was abducted by Cylon and his henchman to be transported back to Stachion as part of the quest. Shortly after leaving Suribus, however, the carriage carrying the duo was intercepted by a pair of player-killer gang members: Morte and his accomplice. Still paralysed, Asuna could only helplessly watch as Morte disarmed and killed Cylon in order to target them next more easily, resulting in a windfall of Cylon's valuables dropping to the ground upon his passing.

Among this pile of loot, the girl noticed a gas mask and a small, skull-marked jar: the Namnepenth's Poison Jar the NPC had used to incapacitate them in town earlier. As the axeman drew near, Asuna and Kirito independently arrived at the same plan of action: to topple the jar by blowing on it. With their combined effort, the two managed to spawn a cloud of paralyzing smoke that forced their would-be murderer to retreat. Instead of following Kirito's lead and engaging the player-killers the moment the paralysis debuff expired, Asuna opted to lurk inside the cloud in wait of an opportune moment for a surprise attack by using Cylon's gas mask to shield her from the toxic fumes. Such a moment presented itself when Morte's dagger-wielding associate left his back exposed to her, allowing her to land a clean hit on him. With the dagger user knocked off-balance by the surprise attack, the fencer quickly pressed her assault to allow her partner to focus on Morte until they eventually managed to force their opponents to retreat.

Having returned to Suribus, after breakfast the next morning on January 2, Asuna and Kirito examined the items they had obtained the previous night, which included the golden key from Pithagrus's mansion and an iron one dropped by Cylon. While surveying the keys, Asuna wondered how the player killers' interference had affected their ability to complete the Curse of Stachion quest. To their surprise, the duo found the quest log had updated to reflect Cylon's death and was instructing them to locate where to use the keys. Curious over how they could still continue the quest despite the quest giver being killed, the girl was inclined to return to Stachion to talk to Theano, Pithagrus's former maid who would have assisted them in the quest had it proceeded as normal. However, her attention was redirected by her partner to the weapons Morte and his confederate had dropped: a pair of poisoned throwing picks and a dagger, respectively named the Spikes of Shmargor and the Dirk of Agony, whose descriptions indicated they had been received from Fallen Elves. Concerned at the possibility that the player killers might have access to an unlimited supply of high-level poisoned weapons, the two concurred to prioritize investigating the throwing picks further. To that end, they needed to help clear the 6th Floor so they could contact Kizmel again.

After Asuna and Kirito joined the Clearers at the front lines later that day, they helped with clearing the first of the four dungeons that sequentially blocked access to the rest of the 6th Floor. During the travel, the girl consulted her partner on how they could determine who among the ALS was Morte's accomplice, but to no avail. Once the pair gained access to the northwest sector of the Floor by defeating the first Field Boss, they separated from the Clearers to trek to the Dark Elven fortress of Castle Galey at the north end of the Floor, arriving there by sunset. Having reunited with Kizmel inside the castle, Asuna and Kirito explained the attempt on their lives and showed her the Spikes and the Dirk, which the Dark Elven knight confirmed had likely been gifted by Fallen Elves. To their relief, the duo learned Kizmel knew of a Dark Elven storyteller in Castle Galey that could possibly inform them how to counteract the Spikes' poison, who they could contact while working on the Elf War campaign.

February, 2023

In February 2023, Asuna became the sub-leader of the newly created «Knights of the Blood» guild in SAO, shortly after the 25th Floor was cleared and, during the battle, the leading clearing guild, the Aincrad Liberation Force, was nearly wiped out. After joining the guild, she constantly disagreed with Kirito in the boss clearing strategy meetings on how to beat the field and floor bosses.

The Progressors

Around the end of February 2024, Asuna and the other Clearers spent a week attempting to determine a way to circumvent the GeoCrawler, the Field Boss of the 56th Floor blocking the path to the local Labyrinth, as frontal attacks against it were ineffective, while its position prevented flanking the monster. On March 6, 2024, following Klein and Kirito's latest failed plan to overcome the boss, Asuna assumed control of the strategy meeting and proposed luring the boss into the local village, where they could attack its weak point from behind while it was distracted with killing the villagers.

When Kirito argued against her plan, Asuna reminded him that clearing the game was their main priority. However, upon discovering that the Black Swordsman was one level higher than her, the Flash challenged the solo player to vindicate his belief through a first-strike duel. While Asuna initially managed to force Kirito on the defensive with her speed and short-delay-time Sword Skills, she was tricked into leaving herself open when he feinted drawing and striking with a second sword, resulting in her defeat.

Later that night, as Asuna sat by herself outside one of the houses in the village, mulling over her loss and Kirito's attitude, she accidentally triggered an encounter with an NPC girl named Ruru, who approached her and inquired over the player's apparent lack of sleep. When the child began singing a lullaby for her, Asuna grew interested in the lyrics' reference to an iron-armored serpent falling asleep with the rest of the characters in the song due to a musician playing the lute. The next day on March 7, after Ruru's song was successfully used in conjunction with a player's Musical Instruments skill to subdue and defeat the GeoCrawler, Asuna declined to participate in the subsequent victory party. Seeing Kirito celebrating with Ruru, she realized the boy was not simply working to escape Sword Art Online but was also truly living in it.

A Murder Case in the Area

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On the morning of April 22, 2024,[22] Asuna teleported to the main city of the 59th Floor.[23] Seeing Kirito dozing on a hill next to the Teleport Gate plaza, she chided him for not actively assisting the other players in clearing the Labyrinth,[23] but grew surprised when he stated his preference to enjoy the day's pleasant weather settings.[24] Realizing how Kirito viewed his time in Aincrad as simply living in the virtual world, the girl sent the other members of the Knights of the Blood ahead and lay next to the boy, falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.[24]

When Asuna finally awoke over eight hours later, she grew mortified to find Kirito watching her from right beside her; however, she soon realised he had been guarding her from player killers and thus offered the boy a free meal as gratitude for his consideration. While eating a salad at a restaurant in Marten, the two suddenly heard a horrified scream from outside, prompting them to rush to the source. There, they discovered a man impaled with a barbed spear and hanging by his neck from a noose from a church's window, who seemingly died before anyone could assist him. Convinced that the player had been killed in a duel, the girl and the boy quickly searched for a duel winner notice, to no avail. Aware that panic and disaster would occur if there was a way to kill players within a safe zone, the two agreed to investigate the matter together.

After retrieving the rope from the church, Asuna and Kirito returned outside to the plaza, where they found that a woman named Yolko was the first person to witness the incident. Gently questioning her, they learned that the victim, named Kains, was one of her former guildmates who had had dinner with her just before his death. Upon escorting Yolko to the nearest inn and having other players spread news of the incident, the duo elected to examine the rope and spear for any further leads on the murderer. Since neither of them possessed an Appraisal skill, while her blacksmith friend would be occupied with business at the time, Asuna hesitantly acquiesced to Kirito's suggestion to contact Agil for assistance.

With Kirito having sent a message to Agil beforehand, Asuna traveled with the boy to the man's shop in Algade on the 50th Floor, where they had the shopkeeper examine the rope and spear with his Appraisal skill. The pair learned that the spear, named Guilty Thorn, had been created by Grimlock, a player unknown to Agil. Although apprehensive of locating someone willing to craft a weapon designed for player killing, Asuna and Kirito resolved to search for anyone on the middle floors who had been acquainted with Grimlock.

After teleporting to the Town of Beginnings, Asuna, Agil, and Kirito investigated the Monument of Life at the Black Iron Palace, where they verified that Grimlock was still alive, while a player named Kains had indeed died that day. As Asuna needed to return to the Knights of the Blood's headquarters, she and Kirito decided to resume their search for Grimlock the following day.

Having reunited with Kirito for breakfast at 09:00 the next morning, Asuna was informed of how Schmitt of the Divine Dragon Alliance had forced her partner to surrender the murder weapon to him. Although the duo suspected there was a link between him, Grimlock, and Kains, they decided to not act on any assumptions until they had gathered more information. Upon meeting with Yolko an hour later, the boy and the girl learned she, Grimlock, and Schmitt had once been part of the Golden Apple, a guild that had acquired a rare agility-boosting ring about half a year prior, yet subsequently collapsed when their guild leader Griselda was murdered for the ring shortly afterwards. Believing whoever killed Kains was connected to Griselda's death, the two secured Yolko's stay at her inn for several days to keep her safe. Afterwards, they elected to investigate the method used to kill Kains; though Asuna was surprised at Kirito's suggestion they consult Heathcliff for advice due to his trustworthy knowledge of SAO's mechanics, she agreed to send the guild leader a message.

Once Heathcliff had joined Asuna and Kirito in Algade thirty minutes later, they visited a restaurant deep within the mazelike city. As they waited for their lunch, she updated the guild leader on the events since the previous day and listened to her partner's theories about the Inner Area murder, occasionally offering her insights. However, each hypothesis was eventually debunked. After their meal, Heathcliff advised them not to rely solely on secondhand information. Confused, Kirito received clarification from Asuna that they should investigate the motives behind the dissolution of the Golden Apple over the rare ring. Consequently, she proposed they inquire Schmitt about his involvement, hoping to uncover new information.

Warmth of the Heart

On June 24, 2024, Asuna visited her best friend, Lisbeth, at the latter's shop, and asked for Lisbeth to polish her rapier, the Lambent Light. During this time, Lisbeth deduced that Asuna was in love, and made Asuna promise to bring her new lover to the shop some time later.

Two days later on June 26, after Lisbeth had created a new sword for Kirito and as she was about to confess her feelings to him, Asuna burst into the shop in a panic. She explained that she was worried that something had happened to Lisbeth due to her having gone missing and being unreachable the day before. After Lisbeth explained that she had been stuck in a dungeon and told Asuna that she had been in the dungeon with Kirito, Asuna, who only now noticed Kirito, revealed that Kirito had come to the shop because he had asked her for a place where he could get a strong sword. Lisbeth, who now harbored feelings for the Black Swordsman, realized that he was also the one Asuna loved and took her to a café in Lindarth to confirm whether Kirito was the one Asuna was interested in. After Asuna confirmed this, Lisbeth revealed that Kirito had broken her best sword while testing its durability and that they had gone to a dungeon to find a rare raw material in order to forge a stronger, better sword for him. After talking a bit about the adventure and Kirito, Lisbeth abruptly left under the guise of having an appointment and asked Asuna to keep Kirito company.

August, 2024

Asuna was one of the participants of the crusade against Laughing Coffin.

October, 2024

After Asuna entered Agil's shop to find Kirito on October 17, 2024, Kirito asked Asuna to cook an ingredient he had found. He revealed that he had acquired a Ragout Rabbit's Meat, an incredibly rare S-class ingredient. Even Asuna, who had recently completed her Cooking skill, had not seen such a rare ingredient before. She demanded to be given half of the rabbit if she cooked it. Kirito reluctantly agreed and the two headed to Asuna's flat in Selmburg, the main city on the 61st Floor. After they ate their fill, Asuna persuaded Kirito to join her party, and the next day on October 18, they discovered the 74th Floor Boss, The Gleam Eyes. They proceeded to hastily retreat to a safe area, where they later encountered Klein and his guild, the «Fuurinkazan», and troops from «The Army».

When «The Army»'s troops left towards the boss room, Asuna, Kirito and the Fuurinkazan followed behind, worried that «The Army»'s troops would get themselves into trouble. They were stalled by a group of lizardmen when they suddenly heard screams. Upon arrival at the door, they discovered with horror that the troops were unable to escape from the wrath of the boss due to the area being an Anti-Crystal Zone. Asuna rushed in to help, only to quickly endanger herself and, consequently, be rescued by Kirito. Together with Klein, she distracted the boss while Kirito prepared his «Dual Blades» skill, then watched with a combination of awe and terror as the two clashed with power she had never seen. In the end, Kirito defeated The Gleam Eyes and, suddenly overcome with fatigue, he collapsed to the ground, noticing that he only had a sliver of his hit points (HP) remaining. Asuna rushed to his side and, upon seeing his state, quickly healed him and then nearly crushed him in an overbearing hug. Shaking with a combination of fear and newfound emotions she had not realized were there until she had seen how her friend had nearly died, Asuna decided to take a break from her guild in order to spend more time with Kirito.

When she returned to «Granzam» to apply for leave, Heathcliff told her that before he could grant her request, he wished to duel with Kirito. He set his terms: if Kirito won the duel, he would allow Asuna to have her requested time off, but if Kirito lost, then Kirito would have to join the Knights of the Blood. The two returned to Granzam so that Kirito could talk with Heathcliff himself, but he ended up accepting the challenge. Kirito was, ultimately, defeated. Godfree, the Commander of the Vanguard of the Knights of the Blood, demanded Kirito's prowess in combat to be tested, despite Kirito having nearly won a duel with Heathcliff. Before leaving on the test, Kirito confided in Asuna his dark past with the Moonlit Black Cats guild. She embraced him as he tensed up and whispered in his ear that she was not planning on dying anytime soon, so he needed to stop worrying about her.

After Kirito departed with Godfree and Kuradeel, Asuna anxiously watched the party's progress on her own map back at the KoB headquarters, not being allowed to join them. Midway into their trip, Asuna noticed Godfree's disappearance from the map and rushed to save Kirito with panicked, adrenaline-fueled speed that players were, supposedly, incapable of reaching. She narrowly saved Kirito from Kuradeel, who had betrayed them midway through the trip, but was unable to bring herself to kill the man, despite all of her anger towards him for nearly killing someone she cared a great deal about. In that moment, Kuradeel sensed his opportunity and struck, launching a surprise attack against her. Despite Kuradeel's advantage, Kirito was fast enough to deflect the blow, albeit costing him his own hand, and he then finished Kuradeel off.

Upon realizing how her indecision had nearly killed both of them, Asuna collapsed to the ground in tears. She believed that her presence near Kirito had put him in danger, and through her tears told him that she wanted to stay away from Kirito, lest her presence once again be a liability upon him. Kirito, realizing that he was on the verge of losing her, chose to surprise Asuna by kissing her passionately. Asuna, while shocked, did not turn him away and instead melted into the kiss. Kirito solemnly declared his emotions for her, how he had come to realize that Asuna meant the world and more to him and that he would do anything to stay by her side. Asuna said the same to him, and Kirito requested that he be allowed to sleep with Asuna that night.

Later that night, after finishing their dinner together in Asuna's place, Asuna nervously turned down the lights and slowly removed her clothing. Kirito was completely and utterly shocked and quickly explained that he simply meant he wanted to stay by her side that night and not what Asuna was implying. Embarrassed by the situation, Asuna shouted and attacked Kirito, though the «Area» effect stopped her. Once things had been cleared up, they finally did sleep together and, later that night, Kirito proposed to Asuna, which she happily accepted.

The Day Before

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On October 24, 2024, after sending messages to their friends and settling their request for a temporary withdrawal from the Knights of the Blood, Asuna and Kirito teleported to the 22nd Floor for their honeymoon. As Asuna and Kirito drew close to where the latter had first found the house, the sub-leader rushed ahead enthusiastically. However, the home was, surprisingly, no longer there.

Morning Dew Girl

On October 30, 2024, while walking through the woods and while Kirito was playfully scaring Asuna with ghost stories, they saw a pale entity in the forest. Convinced that Kirito's stories were true, Asuna screamed and hid behind him, but Kirito realized that the entity was actually a young girl. They walked up to her and tried to talk to her, but she suddenly fell unconscious. They carried her back to their cabin where they waited for her to wake up. Upon waking up, the girl had no memories, save for her own name: Yui. They then decided to help Yui find her real family, as Yui seemed far too young to be alone in SAO. They took her to the «Town of Beginnings» on the 1st Floor where they took her to a church where many other young children trapped in SAO had taken residence, but the person taking care of the children there, Sasha, confirmed that she had never seen Yui. Yulier, the sub-leader of «The Army», suddenly showed up at the church and besought Kirito and Asuna for their help in finding her husband, Thinker, the leader of «The Army», who had disappeared several days prior in a Hidden Dungeon beneath the Black Iron Palace. Yui stubbornly insisted on accompanying them.

After descending into the dungeon, they eventually found Thinker in a safe zone. Yulier rushed forward, overjoyed at the sight of her lover safe, but was barely saved from being ambushed by a boss: The Fatal Scythe. Kirito quickly ordered Asuna to take Yui and teleport to safety while he distracted the boss, but Asuna defied him and instead pushed Yui into Yulier's arms and told them to take her out of there with them. Asuna and Kirito managed to deflect a single blow from the boss but were completely overwhelmed by the effort, as the boss nearly killed them with its first strike. They realized that its level must match that of the 90th Floor and above bosses and that it would easily kill them if they resist any further. However, while they were struggling to get up, Yui intervened, materializing a massive, flaming, two-handed greatsword, the Object Eraser. Yui deleted the boss from the game, and Kirito and Asuna followed her into the safe-zone that Yulier and Thinker had teleported from.

There, they found an admin console, which, with admin credentials, could be used to control various aspects of the game. Yui revealed that she had recovered her memory and explained that she was actually an AI mental health counseling program that was sealed away on the first day of SAO's launch. After noticing a couple with unusual emotions, such as happiness, she developed a desire to be near Asuna and Kirito. However, Yui had been slated for deletion by the Cardinal System, the program which oversaw SAO's processes, after it deemed her as a foreign body due to ignoring its orders. Powerless to do anything, Asuna clung desperately to her "daughter", but Yui was deleted in Asuna's arms. Asuna collapsed to the floor, overwhelmed with sorrow, and lamented Yui's death, but Kirito intervened. Using Yui's still active admin credentials, he accessed the admin console and transferred Yui's data to his own NerveGear's local memory and transformed her into a game object, called Yui's Heart, in the form of a tear-shaped necklace for Asuna to wear and remember her by.

November, 2024

Two weeks later on November 7, 2024, they were called back by Heathcliff who explained that the next floor boss had been found, but was stronger than anticipated, as it had killed half of the members in the scouting party, while the other half were locked out of the boss room. Fearing for Asuna's safety, Kirito asked her to stay behind in the guild hall where it was safe. However, she refused and stated that she would kill herself if she found out that Kirito was killed in action, being unable to forgive herself for not going. After a short conversation about what their real life bodies must be going through, Asuna began to cry as Kirito embraced her in his arms. She told Kirito that she wished to be with him forever, to date in real life, and to truly get married.

Later on, they joined the guilds in attacking the 75th Floor Labyrinth's boss where, after defeating the boss, Kirito deduced and exposed Heathcliff's true identity as Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of SAO. Before challenging Kirito to a final duel, he put the other players in a state of paralysis. However, as Kirito was about to be struck down by Heathcliff, Asuna managed to move herself in front of the fatal blow, causing her character to die. Stricken with pain, Kirito continued fighting on, despite his HP reaching 0, and he managed to deal a fatal blow to Heathcliff with Asuna's rapier. After the battle, when Aincrad began to break down, Asuna and Kirito met once again in a special area created by Akihiko, who prevented them from dying because he wanted to talk to them, and told each other their real names. Afterwards they decided to kiss and fade away from the world as one.

Fairy Dance Arc

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Asuna World Tree 3

Asuna trapped in the World Tree.

Instead of being released from Sword Art Online, Asuna was among a group of three hundred players who were captured and diverted to ALfheim Online by Sugou Nobuyuki (Oberon), thus she found herself trapped in a large birdcage atop the World Tree. About sixty days after her incarceration, during one of Oberon's visits to the cage, she learned, to her horror, of his experiments on the SAO survivors under his control as part of an effort to develop a way to control the human mind. Past midnight on January 22, 2025, Asuna escaped her prison by using the passcode she had seen Oberon entering into the keypad beside the door. While trying to find a console that she could use to log out, she discovered the lab facility where Nobuyuki was conducting experiments on the human brain. Though she was caught as she tried to log out, she managed to steal an administrator card before being returned to her prison.

Upon Kirito's arrival and as he tried to fly up to the top of the World Tree, only to be stopped by the barrier, Asuna heard Yui's call and threw down the admin card she had obtained to Kirito. Later on, Kirito and Yui arrived at the cage and the three of them were reunited. Suddenly, Yui disappeared and they were pressed down to the ground by the use of Gravity Magic, cast by Oberon, who then chained and began abusing Asuna. However, Kirito managed to force himself up and, by accessing Heathcliff's account which had admin privileges, easily killed Oberon and then released Asuna from her chains. After resuming their short reunion, Kirito logged Asuna off. When she woke up in her hospital bed, she sat quietly, anxiously waiting for Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito). When he finally arrived, he was bloodied up by an encounter he had with Nobuyuki in the parking lot of the hospital, but after formally introducing themselves, as it was their first time actually meeting each other physically, they shared a passionate kiss.

Several months later on May 16, Asuna was waiting for Kazuto to meet up with her on a bench outside of school, with both of them attending a school specifically targeted at SAO survivors called the SAO Survivor School. Asuna listened to Kazuto's explanation of how Nobuyuki was arrested and how Kayaba Akihiko had killed himself after having downloaded his consciousness to the Internet. Asuna later attended the «Aincrad Capture Commemorative Party» at Andrew Gilbert Mills's (Agil's) Dicey Cafe, along with other SAO survivors and Kazuto's sister Suguha and, later that day, joined them during the Floating Castle Aincrad update in ALfheim Online.

The Day After

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Extra Edition

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On July 25, 2025, Asuna joined Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth) and Ayano Keiko (Silica) at the SAO Survivor School to help in teaching Suguha how to swim. During the training, she talked about how she met Kirito. Later she joined Kirito and friends for the «Deep Sea Plunderers» quest in ALO.

Rainbow Bridge

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Phantom Bullet Arc

After Kazuto's meeting with Kikuoka Seijirou, Asuna was waiting for him in front of Otemachi Station, the Chiyoda Line on December 7, 2025, almost one year after her return to the real world. As she was waiting, she wondered about the "real" things around her, made up of atoms and not data, yet she felt that what had happened in virtual reality was also "real." As she mused this topic, she asked what were the differences between virtual reality and reality out loud. To her surprise, Kazuto suddenly answered from behind, saying that it was just the difference in the quantity of data.

Taking her hand, they both walked into the East Garden of the Imperial Palace and looked at the Edo Castle ruins together. After discussing several topics about their future together, their friends, and Yui, Kazuto shyly revealed the fact that he would be transferring his ALO avatar to another MMO game: Gun Gale Online (GGO). After Asuna's initial panicked reaction, Kazuto managed to calm her down and convinced her that he was only doing it because Seijirou, a government official who worked with Kazuto to uncover some events of SAO, she decided that it could not be helped and begrudgingly accepted that she would have to play ALO without him for several days, but insisted that the moment he was finished with Seijirou's request he would transfer his avatar's data back over to ALO.

A few days later on December 14, Asuna and all of their friends were gathered together in the room that Asuna and Kirito had rented in ALO in Yggdrasil City, watching the Bullet of Bullets tournament live on a huge, 16-inch screen television in their home. While watching it, Asuna noticed strange behavior coming from a player calling himself «Death Gun», who had pinned down another player, Pale Rider, with paralyzing bullets from a large sniper rifle in his possession. He walked over to Pale Rider's paralyzed body, raised a small pistol to him, and shot him once, instead of finishing him off with his rifle. This caused fear to seep into Asuna's stomach, as she knew something was wrong with this player. Moments later, Pale Rider suddenly seized up and disappeared from the tournament, with the broadcast stating his connection had been interrupted. Death Gun turned to the screen and made an announcement, and Asuna quickly realized that the player calling himself Death Gun was actually a player of SAO, and worse still, a Laughing Coffin member. Fearing the worst, that this man was here to actually kill people, Asuna quickly logged out of ALO and contacted Seijirou in the real world, demanding he log into ALO to give an explanation as to what Kirito's true purpose in GGO was.

As Asuna waited for him to log in, she suffered from severe anxiety and remembered the crusade that had destroyed the Laughing Coffin back in the last days of SAO. A huge raid party of fifty players, Asuna and Kirito included, had swept into the Laughing Coffin headquarters to finally destroy the evil, murderous guild once and for all, but, having been tipped off that the raid was coming, the red players set up an ambush. What had originally been intended - to simply lock up the Laughing Coffin members in the SAO prison so they could no longer harm anybody - quickly turned into a slaughter. Twenty-one of Laughing Coffin's members were killed, and eleven more of the raid party as well - thirty-two players in total dead forever.

Finally, Chrysheight (Kikuoka Seijirou) showed up, but before he could explain anything, Yui, who had been conducting research of her own, explained that there had been two mysterious deaths in the real world linked to this player, Death Gun, in GGO. What had just happened to Pale Rider was likely another murder, and it was revealed by Chrysheight that Kirito had been sent to investigate and possibly prevent anymore murders.

Frustrated that she was unable to protect him, Asuna resolved to stay by Kazuto's side instead. She logged out of ALO and quickly took a taxi to Kazuto's location: a room in a hospital in Chiyoda, the same one he had stayed in during his time in SAO. After getting there, the only thing Asuna could do was watch the broadcast of the Bullet of Bullets tournament and hold Kazuto's hand while he was immersed in the game. It was due to the warmth of Asuna's hand against his, the sensation of his lover supporting him, that Kirito gained the strength he needed to overcome the Laughing Coffin player in the final battle of the BoB tournament.


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Mother's Rosario

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On January 6, 2026, Asuna heard rumors of a player who was said to be stronger than any other, and had been challenging anybody who cared to try it to a duel. Supposedly, this player had never been defeated even once. Asuna at first doubted that this player was as strong as everybody was saying, as she was sure that Kirito would be stronger, but was informed by Kirito himself that he had also been defeated in a duel. Her curiosity now piqued, Asuna tried to duel the mysterious swordsman, who went by the nickname of «Absolute Sword», herself. On the 24th Floor, she came to the site where the swordsman was challenging players and found out that Absolute Sword was actually a girl named Yuuki. After both agreed to duel on the ground, an intense battle ensued, and Asuna nearly won, but an extremely powerful Original Sword Skill delivered by Yuuki defeated her. Despite Asuna's defeat, Yuuki suddenly seized Asuna's hand and dragged her along to the 27th Floor. There, Yuuki invited Asuna to join her to defeat the 27th Floor boss with her guild, the «Sleeping Knights». Together, after one failed attempt, they succeeded at defeating the boss, and their names were forever marked on the Monument of Swordsmen.

Asuna later learned that Yuuki and other members of the «Sleeping Knights» were all terminally ill patients who had been under FullDive for longer than even the SAO survivors. The benefit of Fulldive to them was the fact that, when immersed in VR, senses to the outside world could be cut off. Patients who were in great suffering could connect to a VR world and not have to experience the pain and suffering they might endure in the real world due to the VR interface intercepting their brain signals. It was possible for them to live life almost normally, to a degree, thanks to VR, despite their grave situations.

To Asuna's great surprise, Yuuki had only a few remaining months before she died. She decided to help Yuuki experience life to its fullest with the help of Kirito's VR probe, which could be operated by Yuuki through the Medicuboid that she was using in the hospital, to attend school and walk among the streets. In the end, after Yuuki died, Asuna reflected on her attitude and way of life. She committed that no matter what hardship she would face in life, she would continue to fight for her happiness and refuse to give up, just like Yuuki.

Ordinal Scale Arc

Alicization Arc

Alicization Beginning

Asuna learned about the part-time job that Kazuto was doing. Soon after she found about this information in detail at Dicey Cafe, she and Kazuto both left for her home. However, Kanamoto Atsushi (Johnny Black), a vengeful former player of Sword Art Online from the guild Laughing Coffin and the remaining member of the Death Gun conspiracy, unleashed his anger on Kazuto, severely injuring the latter.

Alicization Running

Asuna quickly accompanied Kazuto to the hospital. After Kazuto disappeared from the hospital the next day, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, and Yui deduced that he was kidnapped and taken to a turtle-like facility, known as the Ocean Turtle, in the middle of the ocean. As such, Asuna requested the help of Koujiro Rinko in order to infiltrate the facility to find him. There, she learnt about Kazuto's situation, as well as details of Project Alicization, from Kikuoka Seijirou and Higa Takeru. After the conversation, Asuna went to see Kazuto from outside the second Soul Translator room, where she also met Nurse Aki, discovering that she was a sergeant at the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force.

At night, Asuna was visited by Rinko, who expressed her apology to Asuna as well as all SAO players by not interrupting Kayaba Akihiko's plan. Asuna responded that she did not have any resentment toward Rinko.

Alicization Turning

The next morning on July 6, 2026, on her way to see the Main Visualizer, Asuna encountered Ichiemom, Takeru, and Rinko. Upon reaching the sub control room, Asuna rushed toward the passageway outside the Soul Translator room to see Kazuto. After a discussion about Ichiemom, Asuna and Rinko left the passageway to have breakfast. On their way, they encountered two Rath employees, who made Asuna feel uneasy.

Alicization Invading

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Later in the morning, while Asuna and Rinko were enjoying their breakfast, they were joined by Lieutenant Nakanishi, with whom they had a conversation about the Japanese destroyer Nagato, the ship escorting the Ocean Turtle.

Alicization Uniting

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Not long after, the Ocean Turtle was attacked, thus Asuna and Rinko were asked by Seijirou to retreat to the upper shaft region of Ocean Turtle under the lead of Takeru.

Alicization Invading

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Alicization Exploding

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Alicization Awakening

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Alicization Lasting

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Non-canon Chronology

Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment

NonCanonAlert Non Canon: Some or all events and details given in this section, may be considered non-canon to the main story.

During Hollow Fragment, Asuna and Kirito were out shopping in Trader's Way, an area on the 76th Floor, when they suddenly realised that a system error caused by the battle with Heathcliff on the 75th Floor had corrupted and erased Kirito and Asuna's marriage status, leaving Asuna heartbroken and in tears. At first, Asuna was fearful that Kirito could have divorced her, but he assured her that he never did anything. Talking it over with the others, Kirito realized that it was a system error, as he could still propose to the other girls. With the aid of Yui, they discovered a quest where they can restore their marriage status.

After reaching the 79th Floor, Kirito and Asuna arrived at a church within town, the site of the quest's beginning. They spoke to a monk who could forge them special rings, if they brought him a special material guarded by a powerful monster. After the pair retrieved the materials and brought it back, the monk crafted them a pair of translucent rings that were the key they need to complete the quest. However, to complete the quest, they needed to visit three other locations while wearing their new rings, and the locations were on separate floors.

The first location to visit was the Lake of Purification on the 82nd Floor, where Kirito and Asuna had to "purify" themselves by both entering the lake's water while being naked. Though reluctant at first, Asuna managed to go into the water with Kirito, under the condition that he would not look at her. Their rings reacted when they both entered the water, and this excited Kirito to the point that he turned around, accidentally looking directly at Asuna. Shortly afterwards, Kirito thought to himself how he was afraid to say that Asuna was beautiful because of how she reacted to the situation.

The next location was discovered by coincidence when Kirito found an ideal log cabin on a floor that reminded him of the 22nd Floor. With Agil's help, they purchased the house and surprised Asuna, who was overflowing with joy upon discovering it. After a brief scene, their rings glowed again, signaling they had found the «Nest of Memories».

The final location was on the 86th Floor, where Kirito and Asuna found a beautiful church. Upon entering, a voice asked if they were here to pledge their love to each other. They were put to the test when a powerful knight-like monster was summoned into the room. After defeating it, they discovered that their rings had not changed, meaning that the final event had yet to be finished. However, after recalling how the voice spoke, they both realized that this was no different from a real wedding ceremony. And, after they kissed each other, their rings changed for the final time, becoming pure silver, signifying that their marriage status was restored.


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Sword Art Online

Stat Value Time
Level 12
94[29][† 1]
December 9, 2022[30]
December 15, 2022[31]
December 18, 2022[31]
December 24, 2022[32]
January 3, 2023[33]
January 4, 2023[34]-January 5, 2023[26]
January 5, 2023[26]
October 15, 2023[35]
November 1, 2024[36]
End of game

Known Equipment

Sword Art Online

Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Iron Rapier» Rapier Bought in a store Replaced by a «Wind Fleuret» on December 3, 2022.[37]
«Wind Fleuret» Rapier Acquired as a monster drop[37].
Obtained on December 3, 2022[37]
Melted to an Argentium Ingot on December 15, 2022.[38]
Unnamed Agility earring Earring Received as a reward for completing the «Jade Key» quest.[39]
Obtained on December 14, 2022.
Grants +1 to Agility.[39]
Replaced with «Earring of Ripples»[40]
«Chivalric Rapier» Rapier Produced by a dark elven blacksmith, using the Argentium Ingot from the Wind Fleuret, on December 15, 2022.[38] Upgraded to +5 on December 15, 2022.
Upgraded to +7 on January 1, 2023.[41]
«Sigil of Lyusula» Ring Received as a reward for completing the «Shipwright of Yore» quest.[32]
Obtained on December 24, 2022.[42]
Grants access to Dark Elven-controlled areas.[32]
Provides a bonus to skill proficiency gain and +1 to Agility.[32]
«Earring of Ripples» Earring Received as one of the rewards for the «Laketop Fortress» quest.[43]
Obtained on December 28, 2022.[44]
Provides a boost to hearing.
«Ring of Luminescence»[40] Ring Found in a temple in Karluin.[44]
Obtained on December 28, 2022.[45]
Shines when breathed on.
«Prancing Boots» Boots Received as one of the rewards for the «Laketop Fortress» quest.[43]
Obtained on December 28, 2022.[44]
Provides a slight jumping boost and diminishes the sound of footsteps.
Upgraded to +3 by January 5, 2023.[40]
«Woven Hooded Cape» Cape Store-bought[40] Upgraded to +2 by January 5, 2023.[40]
«Thinly-Made Breastplate» Breastplate Upgraded to +6 by January 5, 2023.[40]
«Fencer's Tunic» Tunic Store-bought[40] Upgraded to +6 by January 5, 2023.[40]
«Plated Leather Skirt» Skirt Store-bought[40] Upgraded to +4 by January 5, 2023.[40]
«Wintry Stroke» Rapier Forged from Asuna's Chivalric Rapier.[46]
«Lambent Light» Rapier Player-made by Lisbeth[10]

ALfheim Online

Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Crest of Yggdrasil» Staff Given by Kirito, after he accidentally broke a branch of the World Tree on July 26, 2025[47]
«Ray Grace»[48] Rapier

Ordinal Scale

Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Preceder»[49] D-Weapon Type:S[49]

Project Alicization

Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Radiant Light» Rapier Default equipment with the Stacia account.[50]


Sword Art Online

Rapier Two-Handed Lance Light Metal Equipment Heavy Metal Equipment Parry
590 / 1000
678 / 1000
917 / 1000
Battle Healing First Aid Acrobatics Sprint Cooking
877 / 1000
968 / 1000
909 / 1000
852 / 1000
211 / 1000

Sword Skills

Rapier Skills

ALfheim Online (ALO)

Sword Skills

Rapier Skills

Original Sword Skills

  • Starry Tear - A 5 hit combo.
  • Mother's Rosario - An 11-hit combo (inherited from Yuuki).


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  • Asuna was born on September 30, 2007.[53] September 30 is also the birthday of Kuroyukihime of Accel World, another light novel written by Kawahara Reki.
  • Asuna placed second in the Top 10 Female Characters in the Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2012 and 2013 awards and third in 2014. She placed sixth back in 2011, and fourth in 2015.
  • Asuna is one of the two known players using their real name as an In Game Name (IGN), the other being Yuuki.
  • Included in the first Blu-ray/DVD package, is a character song CD sung by Asuna (Tomatsu Haruka), titled «My Independent Destiny». This is the first character song available for this series.
  • In the original web-novel, Asuna did not hesitate to kill Kuradeel, when he began to beg for his life, and in fact stabbed through him. This was changed in the light novel, anime and manga, so that it was Kirito who killed him, after Kuradeel attacks Asuna for her hesitation.
  • The anime depicts Asuna and Kirito having met at the meeting in «Tolbana», rather than in the dungeons, where Kirito informs Asuna about the meeting. Given this, the battle was on the very next day after the meeting, instead of two days after. This means that Kirito never showed Asuna the room he was renting, nor offered her the bath, as in the light novel.
  • In the anime, after the boss battle on the 1st floor, Asuna runs up to Kirito while he is still climbing the stairs, but in the LN, she actually caught up to him while he was sitting idly on the second floor.
  • Asuna once tried to dye her hair to cherry pink in Sword Art Online, but had to disappointingly return it to brown after finding out that the colour did not suit her.[28]
  • The design of Asuna's KoB uniform in SAO was actually chosen by other members, who kept it a secret from her until it was ready. When she first saw her uniform, she rejected it, saying that she could not wear something like it, but after Daizen told her with tears in his eyes that the price of even a single set of the uniform was colossal, she reluctantly agreed to wear it.[54]
  • Asuna has a phobia of astral-type monsters[55][56] and had used numerous excuses to avoid clearing Labyrinths on horror-themed Aincrad floors.[57][55]
  • According to the light novel illustrator and character designer abec, the braided part of Asuna's hair is meant to symbolise her good upbringing, while the mussed part is meant to symbolise her demon vice-commander side.[58]
  • In an official character popularity poll hosted by Dengeki Bunko for the cover of abec Art Works, Asuna's SAO avatar ranked first, her Alicization avatar ranked ninth, her Undine avatar ranked fourteenth, while her real life persona ranked thirteenth.[59]


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