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Aincrad Arc Edit

Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito)Edit

Kirito is Asuna's partner and main love interest in the series. Among all the people Asuna has met, he is the closest and dearest to her. Originally the two of them only thought of clearing the game, but their relationship began when they partied on the 1st Floor. During the boss fight on the 1st Floor, Kirito called Asuna by her name for the first time, noticing earlier her character name below the HP gauge. Asuna was also one of the two people who knew the reason why Kirito called himself a Beater. As the series progresses, the two of them fall in love with each other. After the two of them declared their love for each other, they are only concerned for the other's safety.

Kirito kissing Asuna BD

Asuna and Kirito kissing

This led to the two characters getting married in-game where they resided on the 22nd Floor for two weeks as their honeymoon until being called back to the front lines. During those two weeks, Asuna reveals to Kirito and Nishida that in the beginning, she would cry due to the fact she was trapped in a death game and she would take that sadness and turn it into determination thus allowing her to level up extremely quickly. She explained to them that it was Kirito who taught her that there were people who were trying to experience this world for what it is and that he was the reason why she was alive and looked forward to tomorrow.

Their relationship is very serious, to the point that they cannot live on if one of them dies. An example is shown when Kirito asks Asuna not to take part in the boss fight in the 75th Floor to which she replied that if he did not return, she would commit suicide, thus she refused not to take part in the boss battle and said that she would protect him. As Heathcliff was swinging his sword at Kirito after the boss fight, even though she was supposed to have been paralyzed, Asuna was able to jump in front of Kirito, taking the hit for him. Because of Asuna fueling Kirito's determination when Kirito was stabbed by Heathcliff, he was able to successfully defeat Heathcliff by stabbing him in the chest after a message appears announcing that Kirito was dead.

Asuna also seems to have put a lot of faith in Kirito. An example is when Sugou Nobuyuki trapped her in the World Tree in ALfheim Online (ALO) after her escape from SAO. Asuna asked Kirito to save her, and assured herself that he would come for her. After Kirito rescued Asuna in ALO, the two of them finally met face to face and they officially became a couple in the real world.

The two maintain a happy relationship even a year and a half after the SAO incident. Even though Kazuto had decided to go to school in America for the summer to pursue his mechatronics career, he asked Asuna to accompany him overseas, as he could not live without her, even if it was a very selfish desire. Asuna replied that her answer to that question was decided a long time ago.

When Kazuto was kidnapped after being admitted to a hospital due to being injected with a dangerous drug, Asuna never gave up on finding him and was eventually able to pinpoint his location.

Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth)Edit

Rika is one of Asuna's closest friends. Asuna met Lisbeth in SAO, and they became very close after a short period of time.[citation needed] Asuna has called Lisbeth her best friend on many occasions.[citation needed]

Ayano Keiko (Silica)Edit

Keiko is one of Asuna's close friends, who she met after the events of Sword Art Online.[citation needed] Keiko, like many other girls, tends to be jealous of Asuna and Kirito, but is actually happy for the two and lets them have their space.[citation needed]

Tsuboi Ryoutarou (Klein)Edit

Ryoutarou is one of Asuna's friends. The two met through Kirito and have been on good term since.[citation needed] Upon returning to the real world, Asuna and Ryoutarou still maintain a friendly relationship.[citation needed]

Andrew Gilbert Mills (Agil)Edit

Agil (Andrew) and Asuna are on good terms. They first met during the first floor boss battle.


Yui is Asuna and Kirito's adopted in-game daughter. She often displays a protective nature when it comes to Yui's well-being, such as trying to force her to teleport away with Yulier when facing against The Fatal Scythe. Even after discovering Yui's nature as an AI, Asuna continued to love her as if she were her real daughter.[citation needed]

Kayaba Akihiko (Heathcliff)Edit

When Asuna was in Sword Art Online, she was the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood. Heathcliff, the leader of the guild, was the one who selected her and left her with most of the decisions for the guild.[citation needed] Asuna respected him and believed that he was strong, which is shown when she was worried about Heathcliff's duel with Kirito. However, Asuna revealed in a conversation with Rinko that she hates Kayaba Akihiko for the deaths the Sword Art Online incident caused.[1]

Fairy Dance ArcEdit

Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa)Edit

Suguha is one of Asuna's close friends.

Sugou Nobuyuki (Oberon)Edit

Nobuyuki is Asuna's ex-fiancé, who had been selected by her father; however, Asuna herself hated him.

Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

Asada Shino (Sinon)Edit

Shino is one of Asuna's close friends. The two girls met at the Dicey Cafe where Kazuto introduced Asuna to Shino. Asuna invited Shino to become friends, and she accepted. Asuna's friendship with Shino grew, to the point where Asuna nicknamed her Sinonon, and invited her to spend the night at her house.

Alicization ArcEdit

Koujiro RinkoEdit

When Kazuto went missing, Asuna contacted Rinko and asked for her assistance. Rinko agreed to help, and together, they were able to get to Kazuto's location on Ocean Turtle. Asuna showed no hatred towards Rinko for her involvement in the Sword Art Online incident, even after the latter revealed she had lied about being forced to help Akihiko and could have killed him at any time but chose not to.

Alice ZubergEdit

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Other CharactersEdit

Konno YuukiEdit

Yuuki was one of Asuna's closest friends. Asuna met Yuuki when Asuna accepted Yuuki's challenge to duel with her. After their duel, she and her guild asked for Asuna's help to defeat the Boss on the 27th Floor of New Aincrad. Asuna reminded Yuuki of her sister so much that Yuuki accidentally referred to Asuna as her elder sister on several occasions. Asuna and Yuuki care deeply about each other.

Yuuki is one of those people who has made a huge impact on Asuna's life. According to Asuna, Yuuki taught her how to live her life and fight for her happiness.[citation needed] Watching Yuuki fight even in hopeless situations gave Asuna courage. Asuna remembers Yuuki as a dear friend, even after Yuuki's death, and continued to fight for her happiness the way Yuuki did.

Before Yuuki's death, she entrusted Asuna with her strongest Original Sword Skill, Mother's Rosario, which Asuna promised would live on forever, even if she had to leave that world.

The Sleeping KnightsEdit

After Asuna had a duel with Yuuki, Yuuki introduced Asuna introduced to her guild, the Sleeping Knights. After a short while, Asuna had grown very close to all of their members, including Siune, Jun, Tecchi, Nori, and Talken. Asuna expressed a desire to get to know all of them better and join their guild.

Yuuki KyoukoEdit

Kyouko is Asuna's mother. Kyouko, unlike her husband, is very cold towards her daughter; however, she wanted the best for Asuna according to her ideals and had everything laid out for her daughter, including her marriage. Asuna assumed that her mother was like this because she was born in a family of farmers. Asuna was disappointed with her mother's attitude, and noted that it had been a while since she heard her mother's real voice.[citation needed] After Asuna decided to show her mother the virtual world, Kyouko finally understood that her definition of happiness clearly differed from her daughter's[citation needed], and allowed Asuna to do whatever she wanted as long as she could get good grades in school.

Yuuki ShouzouEdit

Shouzou is Asuna's father. Asuna and her father seem to have a close relationship, as Shouzou was very kind towards Asuna.

Yuuki KouichirouEdit

Kouichirou is Asuna's brother. Kouichirou is the one who originally had the game copy of SAO, which Asuna borrowed as Kouichirou was not able to play on the first day, which lead to her being trapped in the death game.

Asuna's GrandparentsEdit

Asuna was very close to her mother's parents. While she was younger, Asuna would go to her grandparents house rather than go on family vacations. Asuna loved them, and remembered them dearly after their death.


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