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ZEMAL, short for Zen-Nihon Machine Gun Lovers (全日本マシンガンラバーズ, Zen-Nihon Mashin Gan Rabāzu?, lit. All-Japan Machine Gun Lovers), is a five-man team that participated in the first and second Squad Jam in Gun Gale Online.


ZEMAL is a group of Japanese players who met each other in-game by chance and found that they had a common preference for machine guns.[1] The group was so fixated on machine guns that all members of the group refused to even carry pistols or any other sidearms.[1] Additionally, due to their obsession with using machine guns, the group had no interest in preparing strategies, learning about their opponents or cooperating with each other, thus they avoided fighting with other players in the field.[1] Although they did attempt to participate in the third Bullet of Bullets tournament, they were unable to go beyond the first few rounds in the preliminaries[1], thus when the Squad Jam tournament without any preliminaries was announced, the group eagerly registered for the tournament.[2]


Squad JamEdit

At the start of the first Squad Jam tournament, ZEMAL spawned in the city. During the first satellite scan, they discovered that another group, LM, was close to their position in the woods. Overjoyed that they encountered their first opponents this early, all five members of ZEMAL opened fired on the discovered target. However, their target, LLENN, was hiding behind a tree, thus all they accomplished was suppressing her movements. But while they were occupied with shooting at LLENN, another group approached them, and three of ZEMAL's members were killed by snipers before the group could react. Although the two remaining members hid out of the sniper's sight, the attackers had split into two teams and the second team advanced close to the survivors' hiding place. One of the attackers threw a grenade and the resulting explosion caused the two surviving ZEMAL members to panic and run, making them easy targets for the remaining three attackers, and thus they were killed before they could counterattack.

Second Squad JamEdit

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Known MembersEdit

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  • The group chose to include All-Japan in their name because the group had members who lived in Hokkaido and Okinawa[1]


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