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Zakkaria (ザッカリア, Zakkaria?) is the largest town in the Norlangarth Northern Middle area in Underworld and the central town in the Norlangarth North Empire’s northern region with more than 50 surrounding villages. The Wolde farm is located in the outskirts to the west side of the town.


Zakkaria is located to the south of Rulid Village and north of Centoria, about in the middle of the northern region of the Empire. The town is located in the middle of a prairie, with no nearby lakes or rivers, therefore the area looks rather dry, though more plants grow here than in the Southacroith Empire, which is full of desert towns. The nearest swamp is about 7 Kilolu (kilometers) away from the town.


Zakkaria is surrounded by a rectangular wall from the east to the west. The dimensions of the town are 900 Mel (meters) from north to south and 1,300 meters from east to west, about 5 times the size of Rulid Village. Zakkaria has a population of 1950 residents, about 10% that of Centoria, and is currently ruled by a 5th class nobleman called Kelgam Zakkarite. The town is characterized by the color red. All of the roads and buildings within the town are made from reddish-brown sandstone and all residents of the town wear red-based clothing. Since Zakkaria is the closest town to Rulid Village, regular trading caravans are supposed to travel from Zakkaria to Rulid to supply the village with processed metals and medicine which could not be produced within the village.

The town is well known for the annual Norlangarth North area Swordsmanship competition which is held on the 28th of each 8th Month, when the guards of all the 50 surrounding towns and villages as well as the town’s guard apprentices gather for the chance to become guards of Zakkaria.

The largest facility in Zakkaria is the «Meeting Venue». The Venue is a multi-purpose rectangle-shape plaza, which was often used for lords’ speeches, concerts and troupe performances and even as the place where the Sword Arts Tournament is held each year. Like all towns and villages in the Human Empire, Zakkaria has a church, at the top of which are the «Bells of Time Telling», which can be heard within a radius of 10 kilolu of the town and which is the main method of telling the time.


  • Although the text says that there are no rivers or lakes in the vicinity of Zakkaria, the map illustration depicts Ruhr river next to the town.


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